Your Student Executive Team

Arshit Dhingra

(403) 410-1668
Room N352

I am enrolled in the Business Administration diploma program at Bow Valley College. I chose this particular program because it helps me utilize my current abilities while allowing me to realize my potential. I see myself being successful in this field by pursuing innovation and using my skills to improve my current environment.

I joined SABVC for the same reason. I feel a sense of accomplishment by being a leader and helping those around me. This campus has shown me what my future looks like. The reception that I received in my first year on campus has been phenomenal. I want to repay that kindness by using my strengths in…

Lovon Dawson

Vice President, External Communications
(403) 410-1698
Room N350

Hello, my name is Lovon Dawson. I am from India and this is my first year in Canada. I have completed my Bachelor of Psychology back in India. I am passionate about working with people and find it extremely intriguing to meet and collaborate with new people. At Bow Valley College, I graduated from the Health and Human Services Management program and I plan to take Disability Studies in the Fall semester.

I personally believe that growing and developing is extremely important in life. Remaining stagnant is something I would never appreciate. This is one of the primary reason I decided to run in the executive election. I am the…

Ramanjeet Singh Nanarh

Vice President, Student Life
(403) 410-1667
Room N351B

My name is Ramanjeet Singh Nanarh and I am enrolled in the Disability Studies Diploma program at Bow Valley College. After starting at BVC in September of 2016, I began engaging in campus events and I enjoyed them all. I am an organized and responsible person and I’m not afraid to voice my opinions and stand up for what I believe in. I value creativity and am willing to brainstorm ideas and alternative ways of resolving problems.

As your VP of Student Life, I will be ready and willing to listen to the insights and ideas of others, and I hope that we will make this year the best. I…

Abhijeet Singh

Vice President, Operations & Finance
(403) 410-1669
Room N351A

Hello everyone, my name is Abhijeet Singh and I am your Vice-President of Operations & Finance at SABVC this year. I am currently enrolled in the Business Administration diploma program here at Bow Valley College.

It is my privilege to be elected to represent the students of this institution and give voice to your needs. The mission, vision, and goals of SABVC are my top priorities in office. I am very passionate about our campus environment and I will do my best to create a memorable campus experience for our student community.

I want to make sure that students have to opportunity to be involved on campus so that we can all…