Ramanjeet Singh Nanarh

My name is Ramanjeet Singh Nanarh and I am enrolled in the Disability Studies Diploma program at Bow Valley College. After starting at BVC in September of 2016, I began engaging in campus events and I enjoyed them all. I am an organized and responsible person and I’m not afraid to voice my opinions and stand up for what I believe in. I value creativity and am willing to brainstorm ideas and alternative ways of resolving problems.

As your VP of Student Life, I will be ready and willing to listen to the insights and ideas of others, and I hope that we will make this year the best. I believe that it is ideas and hard work that can make it a better year for all of us. I joined SABVC to work for the students and help them in various ways. Apart from this, my main goal is to organize events which will be helpful and fun for students while bringing knowledge and awareness to the student body. My main focus will be to connect students with each other from the heart and beyond the limits of culture and religion in order to create diversity within the College.

My committees: Student Life, Grievance.