Students Council Election

This election will determine who represents the voice of Bow Valley College students on Students Council. On this page, you will find information about the candidates and the dates for the actual voting days of the election.

Election Dates

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Beginning at 8 am
in Online
Wednesday, September 27, 2017
All Day
in Online
Thursday, September 28, 2017
Ending at 3 pm
in Online

Election Candidates

Prakshi Malik

Hello Everyone, I am Prakshi Malik pursuing Business Administration Diploma in General Business Majors. I have been born and brought up in India. Talking about my hobbies I have keen interest in music, exploring the world and reading books. Though I am not a professional dancer but yes I am passionate towards dance.

Students’ Association of Bow Valley College is a non-profit organization who has been working for students of Bow Valley to make their lives better and have a great experience throughout their journey at Bow Valley College since 1994. Activities managed by SABVC is not only limited to giving opportunities to volunteer on and off campus, start own club or have a personal tutoring but covers from promoting mental health wellness to providing a positive, safe and healthy environment within the college. I myself is a live example to tell that every person of SABVC, from General Manager to coucellors have helped me wherever and whenever I was stuck and needed some support, so thank you SABVC.

If elected, I would like to come up with a team under the SABVC who not only will council students about the SABVC connect programs but will try best to connect maximum with the students who go through the phase of various difficulties, loneliness and depression, head towards the wrong path or take decisions that may cause a hinder in their future. I cannot assure that yes whatever students will say we will follow that, but all the students will be more than welcome to come up with what better things they would like to see and depending upon the analysis of situation we will definitely work on whatever we being a team can do.

As per my belief, who so ever has a power to handle a situation, listen and respect to what people say, and convince audience about the benefits of changes or any task what they are performing is a leader. Everybody do not have same traits but yes they definitely have some better triats than one another. Leaders are not born but they are brought up with a nourishment of basic character that is must in every human being to have better relationships.

Students should vote for me, because if everyone is given a chance to stand ahead then why not me this time. I don’t believe in fake promises which people do while they want something but forget once they achieve what they wanted. I assure to represent and empower every student with a proper ethical code of conduct. Not only this but also will make sure that SABVC grows a little more everyday for the betterment of itself and as well as the students and working environment.

Anmol Brar

My name is Anmol Brar and I am an International Student from India; enrolled in the Business Administration Program at Bow Valley College. My aspiration to run a successful business and passion towards this field has led me to be an outcast within my family. I feel privileged to be in this program and I believe it is essential for me to give back to students and the institution. My genuine interest in business also sparked an underlying desire for me to use it to improve society and better the world.

Students association of Bow Valley works towards creating an amazing student experience and ensuring the needs of all students are met. The association encourages the students to take full advantage of all the services offered so they are able to reach their full potential. In addition, it focuses on creating a positive environment so students feel safe and comfortable around the campus community. Student success is the driving force behind the students’ association at Bow Valley College.

If elected, I will be dedicated to bringing out the voice of students and commit to improving issues that are brought to the table. I will listen and be open to suggestions from a diverse group of students on campus. I will also take into consideration any new ideas that will help develop the students’ association at Bow Valley. Overall my skills and qualifications will be highly beneficial for the association as well as for the students.

I believe the most important trait necessary to be a suitable student leader is responsibility. Using this trait, I will hold myself accountable in order to resolve any and all problems. As a person, I have also embraced qualities such as leadership, taking initiative, openness and charisma which are some key traits to be a successful leader. In addition to these qualities, I also have excellent communication skills which are necessary to efficiently interact with students along with solving any issues.

Students should vote for me because my passion and discipline to attend Bow Valley College has lead me to give back to the students and campus. My ability to connect and communicate easily with others makes me a strong candidate. I love the school as a whole and all it has to offer; therefore, my strong school spirit will be my driving force allowing me to succeed. Also, I fully understand the responsibilities that tie in with this position and am ready to fulfil my duties using my full potential. Over all I am a highly responsible, ambitious and hardworking individual and will ensure my peers get the support they need.

Ayush Gaba

My name is Ayush Gaba. I am pursuing my diploma in Business Administration. I came to Canada in December 2016. My goal in life is to own my own business. I am a happy go lucky type person. I like being in a crowd and like to interact with different peoples and like to help them in their work.

Student Association of Bow Valley College is a body that represents Bow Valley College and organises different events in the college which provides opportunities to different students to know about the Bow Valley College and about their code of conduct. They listen to the problems of students and help the students regarding their problems by providing a right path. This association also provides benefits to students like Health and Dental Plan benefit etc.

If I got elected as a councillor of Student Association of Bow Valley I will help the students to deal with their problems and will help my executive members in their work. I will encourage the students to know and be a volunteer of this association. I will help the students to know about the events of the association and will help the students to solve their problems in their studies and other works.

According to my opinion; punctuality, proper communication with others, effective listening, knowledgeable are the best requirements of being an effective leader. This is because leaders can easily guide others if they will have these traits. Leaders must help to make a group work between members and there must be a good behaviour among all members.

I want students to vote me because I am very helpful and I have a good communication skills. I will encourage the students for unity in diversity among each other. I want students to participate in events and make their voices heard.

Corrina Deck

My name is Corrina Deck. I am in my 3rd semester of the Business Administration Diploma program, majoring in General Business. Prior to coming to Bow Valley College, I worked locally as well as abroad, in various non-profit groups focusing on animal health and welfare. Through this I have found my passion in mission-based work, especially in projects and groups working around the world. I enjoy being involved in the student community, as a current peer-tutor and peer note-taker, through attending and volunteering at events and networking opportunities, as well as developing my own initiative with the help of SABVC that will be starting this October!

In the last few months I have learned so much about the Students Association, and have been fortunate enough to be involved in events, as well as work on my own projects with their help. This year I hope to not only learn more about the advantages and benefits our Students Association, but to also share with the rest of the student population so that everyone can become more engaged.

As a domestic student, I hope to bring a voice to council that is from the viewpoint of other domestic students, as this is a large majority of the student community. I believe the Students Association Council should be as diverse as possible, with domestic and international students of all demographics, coming together to collaborate for the students. I want to be an active voice and help implement changes that will positively affect future and current students at Bow Valley College. I want students to enjoy Bow Valley College socially and academically, through the different resources available and creative ideas that the Students Association can offer.

The most important traits a student leader should possess are, in my opinion, being approachable, trustworthy, open-minded, & present. I believe students should feel comfortable and confident when asking questions or reaching out to an SABVC leader. By allowing students to feel comfortable, this will grow the reach of the Students Association, and create a more inclusive and collaborative environment around policy and student life on campus. Open discussion and engaged leaders will help to grow the BVC community and build a stronger future for the college.

I am proud to be a student at Bow Valley College, and I want to represent and support my peers. I hope to continue my work as a representative of SABVC by hosting thrift shop events and campaigns to help build a stronger community amongst the students, and eliminate barriers that may hinder student success while at college. I believe I will be able to best help and serve students and the college, by adding a perspective of not only a domestic student from Calgary, but also as a female member of council.

Dirk Sellsted

Currently in the school of health and wellness, enrolled in the second year of the pharmacy technician program. I’m a local Calgarian. I moved to Calgary in 2010 and have been employed in the tree industry for the previous seven years before making the choice to come back to school and pursue higher education.

Bow valley student association is a valuable asset to students. It provides students a unified vote for campus decisions, Provides group power for low cost health insurance, and supplies students with campus services such as printing and bulletin boards.

I (Dirk Sellsted) have a large amount of free time with my school schedule. Great standing with instructors and have developed a relation with some staff through my first year of school as well as volunteer programs in the previous school year.

A successful candidate should be professional, which I have through years of management experience. Great academic standing, far surpassing the 2.0 minimum. Plus diversity, in communication between different backgrounds and programs.

I’m the correct candidate for student council. I am trying to fill a long void missing from the school of health and wellness in communication with student council. The Health and wellness programs are very condensed and sometimes overwhelming. However I believe I can be the person for the job and handle the program at the same time.

Ethel Ngala

My names are Ethel Ngala and I am a second year disability student with a passion and zeal to act as a mediator for students and the Bow valley association. As a disability advocate I am an open and dynamic individual who embraces new ideas and encourages the implementation and growth of what is good to academic environment. I love the leadership of serving other people and listening to them .I work with determination as a stronghold and ensure that success and motivation always remains the key to all hard work.

The Bow valley student Association for as long as has existed has stood the taste of time. It is an acting link that breathes better understanding and problem solving for the students of Bow Valley College. Hence the students lean on the association for certain breakthroughs and major positive changes. The association works with students through their representatives who have been elected and table every problem to them. The association focuses on positive responses after every review, making the Association, the heart of the college because it serves the students without reservation.

If elected I will foster higher level of education with ideas to make studies very competitive .I also intend to expand on diversity inclusion and respect for all by taking both aspects to a higher level. To ensure that our understanding of diversity is actually practiced and our idea of executing inclusion remains a reality. These are the three very important aspects I intend to focus on without reservation. With exhaling education and amazing diversity and inclusion we will soar higher.

To be an effective student leader, you must first be a good listener and be ready to serve the students, performing well in studies so that you are exemplary, avoid bias and prejudgment and have an open mind. An effective student leader must showcase punctuality, mutual respect and good communication. It is also important that a good leader demonstrates honesty and integrity, confidence and a positive mindset as you lead the students towards positivity. These qualities have helped to mold great leader’s overtime and therefore must be the required traits in an effective student leader.

I urge students to vote for me because, initially I will be a mediator between the student body and the student association. I demonstrate the willingness to listen to the students and handover all that has been channeled from them effectively to the student association, with the intention of achieving a good response, I have an open mind, and I am honest and have a positive mindset and great attitude. There will also be a perfect emergence of inclusion and diversity and together we will study hard to exhale in education and set a breaking record. I am confident that if students vote for me, we will work together for a greater and fulfilling future.

Farhana Firoj

My Name is Farhana Firoj. I am a ELL student of Bow Valley College since January 2017. I am very passionate and enthusiastic. Talking with new students and making friends with them is my one of favorite hobby. I would like to travel scenic are and country side to enjoy my vacation. At leisure time, I spend time engaging myself in the volunteer program, Cooking and reading books etc.

SABVC is the organization of full-time and part-time students of Bow Velley college. The organization is totally dedicated for the students of Bow Velley College and operated by the students. It takes care of students welfare, advocate students locally and federally. The organization is 100% student owned and operated by student representatives. The student association helps and support students by providing positive and healthy environment. They encourage student in extra curriculum activities like sports and volunteer services in the college and the local community.

If I am elected, I will actively involve in the organization by offering positive attitude to the students. I will talk and listen their voice and raise their voice in the general meeting. Every student voice is very important for the organization to being successful. So it is very important to connect with students and get advice from existing and ex-elected members to achieve successful goal. I will bring enthusiasm and encouragement so that this organization can impact the student life and college environment deeply.

An effective leader who make or influence positive changes of an organization by offering strong characteristics. A leader must have good communication skills, to be active listener and being respectful to the all members of the organization. He/she should have decision making ability with the team and always dependable and reliable to the members and organization.

As an active member of this organization, I am involved in different community volunteer and found raising activities in the college campus and the community. I was involved and represented Bow Valley college during 150th Canada Day event in Prince Edward Island. Also I attended Pride parade rally in the recent national wide event. I am also involved social activities and engaged with senior citizens through this organization volunteer program. Outside of that, I am involved CIWA volunteer program. I will spend time for this organization with the students and working as a team member to make positive impact and bring energy and dynamism to make successful of this organization.

Jaspreet Singh

My name is Jaspreet Singh. I have been in Canada for over a year now. I am an international student, currently enrolled in the Legal Assistant Diploma. Coming to Canada was one of the hardest decision of my life. . I have worked with several government legal agencies back in India. I am working towards my goal of becoming a lawyer and owning my own law firm. It has been a wonderful experience studying at Bow Valley College. I am v with volunteering with iCan Crew. I believe that with hard word and firm determination you can achieve anything you want from life.

We have such a huge number of students in our college, from different regions and religions. The Student’s Association of Bow valley College represents the students of Bow Valley College. It also organises the events and activities to encourage the student’s engagement in the college campus. The SABVC has a separate office in north campus on the third floor. There are number of different clubs under SABVC which allow students to participate in some extracurricular activities. The SABVC also offers volunteering, the hours of volunteering gets added to the co-curricular record.

If elected, I will try to bring some more cultural and general events which will help the students to get comfortable with the new environment of the college. Secondly, most of the international students feel homesick when they come here, so I will try my best to interact with as many students as I can and try to get them involved in activities and events within the college. Thirdly, college lacks a activity room where students can play some games or to some recreational activities in the breaks between their classes. I would like to work with the all fellow councillors and executives to make a more favourable atmosphere on campus for the betterment of the students.

Student leadership is not a new thing for me. From my past experience I can say that leadership is all about a positive attitude towards every problem because you can solve any problem just by coming up together. A person who only knows how to pass the orders can never become a good leader. Standing up for right and discouraging the wrong is what a leader must do all the time. It’s the student voters who make a leader, so a leader should always keep in mind that he/she is just a student server. Be gentle and kind all the time because all the student might observe you as you represents SABVC.

Students should vote for me as I think, I am suitable for this position. It’s my third semester in Bow Valley College. Along with all the extracurricular activities I am very much able to keep my grades high. I am enrolled in Legal Assistant Diploma and I have firm knowledge about how Canadian democracy or legal system works. I will use my past experience and my skills to work for the betterment of the students. I will always be there for students who need any help I am capable of doing. Be helpful, respectful and honest towards your duties that’s most important to be a good student leader.

Jenessa Contos

My name is Jenessa Contos! I am in the Disabilities Studies program. I have a passion for inclusion. I am an artist and total nerd. I also have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. My values surround my love for people, and how everyone deserves to be heard and cared about. I have a sister with dyslexia and a brother with Aspergers Syndrome; it has helped me to appreciate an environment that makes a difference for learners with any abilities. My goal is to bring my experiences and passions to the school to provide a positive sense of community for the learners.

The Students’ Association of Bow Valley College is the voice for the student body. They are the ones who advocate between learners and the school, and to the government. SABVC has several committees, including Mental Health and the Academic Council, which focus on more specific issues. School Clubs are also run through SABVC and anyone can start one! I look forward to working as part of the Students’ Association and being able to make my mark on Bow Valley College.

I will bring my passion and enthusiasm for learning and inclusion to Bow Valley College! I love seeing change happen whether in large victories, or small challenges. I am a proud advocate for breaking the stigma around mental health, and for awareness of sexual assault. As Kim Collins said, “Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.” I am looking forward to working with like-minded people who are as driven for improvement as I am.

Effectiveness as a student leader starts with transparency. Being open-minded, and honest with other learners is essential to making a difference. A true leader must be trustworthy, caring, and overall passionate. Mindfullness and listening to understand and not to respond is a principle I live by. To be an effective student leader, the ability to work with a team and know when to lead and when to follow are important.

Learners at Bow Valley College can trust me with their vote because I pride myself on being inclusive. I am a learner with mental illness, my mother is a mature student in another program, I am a learner who has been through medical problems and I have two siblings with learning disabilities. I understand having challenges of daily life, and the thrill of overcoming them. I am passionate about continuing the feeling of community in the school and listening to the voice of the student body about improvement.

Joelle Mason

My name is Joelle and I am a student in the Human Resource Management Certificate program at Bow Valley College. Here are a few things about me. I love traveling and have visited over twenty countries. Bali and Australia were my favourite places. Some sports I play are ultimate frisbee, soccer curling and tennis. I moved to Calgary three years ago from a small town in British Columbia. I enjoy listening to music and often go to concerts. My favourite thing to do on the weekend is to go out for a coffee and visit a farmer’s market.

I know that the Student Association is located in the North Campus on the third floor. I know that they are the only place on campus with colour printing. However, more importantly I know that the Student’s Association is responsible for representing the student’s interests and wishes in areas that coincide with the overall mission of the Student’s Association of Bow Valley College.

My time spent living abroad has truly been an asset. It has given me a better understanding of different cultures. However, it has also brought me insight into the similarities of human beings. Regardless of what culture you are from, or how close or far you travelled to be a student at Bow Valley College. I believe everyone is looking for a similar experience. If elected, it would be my goal to try and make each and every student’s experience at Bow Valley College one that is memorable and will enhance and propel them into whatever their future endeavours may be.

In a recent book that I read, it discussed how companies can go from ordinary, to extraordinary. The characteristics of the leaders in charge of these organizations possessed qualities that you may not expect. The book characterized them as “Level 5 Leaders: These leaders channel their ego needs away from themselves and into the larger goal of building a great company. They are incredibly ambitious-but their ambition is first and foremost for the institution, not themselves.” (Collins, 2001, pg. 21). This quote encapsulates my feelings of what I believe is an integral quality for being a great leader. Putting the common overall interest and good ahead of your own ego.

I think that students should vote for me because I listen to what other people say and I am not afraid to ask questions. I have learned that there are so many opportunities and so much information offered, if you just ask. If I get elected, I promise to always listen to students and I promise to never stop asking questions and finding out more information to pass on to my peers at Bow Valley College. Citation Collins, J. (2001). Good to Great, Broadway, New York: Harper Collins.

Kanika Saraswat

My name is Kanika Saraswat and I am enrolled in Business Administration diploma in Bow valley college. From the first day, I arrived at bow valley college, I knew I wanted to become more involved. I am running for the SABVC councillor election. You might be thinking should “Kanika” really be the student councillor? After all she is only been in our school for only 6 months. It’s true that I am fairly new to bow valley college but this is actually a benefit because “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities”.

Students’ Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC) is an organization that is dedicated to the effective representation of Bow Valley College students. They provide various facilities to students of bow valley college such as free health and dental benefits, free faxing and scanning, low printing cost etc. They always listen to the problems of students. They also organise various events for students. They foster a positive, supportive, and respectful work culture and build a sense of community by embracing diversity and ensuring equality and acceptance.

If elected as a SABVC councillor I would listen to student’s opinion before making any decision. I will come up with creative and innovative ideas. I will encourage students to participate in various events. I will spread awareness about our association and will encourage them to work as a volunteer in the association. I will help my executives in all the events and programmes that will be organised by them.

Traits that are required to be an effective student leader are leadership quality, spontaneous, always come up with innovative and creative ideas. I believe that I have all the abilities to take a stand for a good cause. I can be a great indoctrinate for the students. Leadership qualities acquired further qualified which are decision making, accountability of your decisions, persuasiveness and to provide you amenities. The other most important thing I want to mention is feedback and testimonials.

Voting seems straightforward, right? Choose what is good for you but I think I have a courage to stand out and do something for the students of bow valley college. Students should vote for me because I have creative and diverse ideas which can create a good environment where students can improve their talents and knowledge. For me You matter, your opinion matters. Don’t choose someone who will make all the decisions for you, choose someone who care about what you want.

Mimi Tang

Dear voters: My name is Mimi Tang. I am a student in the Chui School of Business studying Public relations and Digital Marketing.

Since starting school in January of 2016, I made SABVC a second home for me, I been actively volunteering and participating in their events. I don’t know everything there is about SABVC but I do know a lot, from my time spent in their office.

If elected, I will bring my cheerful attitude and my sense of responsibility with me into the position. I like to be a leader that set the example and show others that they too can do it.

An effective leader should know what their followers need/want. They should be able to do what is best for the whole group not just for the few individuals. I believe they should be listeners, doers and motivators.

Students should vote for me because I am willing to go out and do what needs to be done. I am not shy to ask or push for results. I am an actively involved student that can time manage my tasks and responsibilities without over looking my studies. I feel that all student needs are important.

Reagan Adenyi

My name is Reagan Adenyi. I am a second year student in the Justice Studies program. Currently, I am the president of the Justice 4 All Club here at Bow Valley. I have worked as a community leader in my community, started and ran a non-profit organization that sought to provide a platform and space of learning for youth and adults.

I know that, the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC) is an organization that is dedicated to the effective representation of Bow Valley College students. I also know that, the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College is committed to enhancing the overall student experience for the entire campus community.

I will bring fresh new ideas that will add to the enhancement of the student experience.

To be an effective student leader, you must have integrity. You must treat everyone in the same way that you yourself would want to be treated. You must be honest and fair. In addition, you must be able to communicate. Information is power, and great leaders are able to communicate clearly to ensure that the right information is provided to everyone that needs it.

In such a diverse campus as Bow Valley College, I am the perfect candidate to vote for because, I have respect for, and can interact, communicate and motivate people of different age groups, ethnicities, cultures, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. In addition, I am organized, and committed to the student association.

Satwinder Gaidu

I am enrolled in business administration diploma in bow valley college. I chose this program to enhance my skills and abilities. I joined this college in September 2016 and attended most of the events and thoroughly enjoyed them all. The student association has fulfilled all duties with the best of their abilities. In my view point the demand of students is bit more and that is the reason I stand before you in councilor nomination. A major reason also being would like to put forward new ideas and plans that I have in my mind for improvement of students. I stand here so that I can relate to the challenges that student face and solve them.

Student association of bow valley college provide effective representation of bow valley college. It represents diversity and multicultural. SABVC provides supports to students, and their voices are heard. It offers courses related to mental health and encourages students to participate in different events in college. It introduce new ways for students to engage in daily activities.

If I get elected as a counselor of SABVC ,I will makes sure student voices are heard. I would like to see activities for student to participate. I bring love and courage and will make comfortable zone for students so that they can share their issues and get solutions.

To be an effective leader you need to be passionate, dedicated, courage, confidence, supported, responsible, effective communicator, organized, team player, and plan activities.

I think students should vote for me because I am good candidate to represent student association of Bow valley college. I am a good leader to represent Bow valley college. I will make sure to incorporate funds along with the learning and make this college a place where student can bring out their talents, and education. I envision a campus where we can collaborate to create new space for the students.

Shorena Esartia

Hello. My name is Shorena Esartia. I am doing my Business Administration Certificate program at Bow Valley College. I came to Canada last year and totally fall in love with this country and people who live here. As about myself, I am having a Bachelor Degree in International Studies. I have been living and studying in different countries, including: United States, Russia and Georgia. I love travelling and meeting new people. I speak four foreign languages and always try to communicate with people in their own tongue.

Students’ Association of Bow Valley College is a board that provides representation and support services to all BVC students. It is in charge of organizing different events for the students and provides valuable guide to the new comers and international students. The interesting fact about it is that it is Bow Valley College students who are the highest SABVC authority and who chooses the members of Students; Council and Executive Committee. General Manager and Support Staff are people who are managing daily operations such as events organization, marketing campaigns and health and dental plan.

If elected I am going to organize many interesting events for the students. First of all, I think that we need more sport clubs in the college, because there are so many students who play different kinds of sport like soccer, rugby, pool, and cricket. The members of the clubs would meet on the weekly bases to play the game and socialize. It’s a nice opportunity to make new friends and keep healthy lifestyle. We need a gym facility in the college, some pool and ping pong tables. We should also have some tournaments with other colleges and universities in Calgary.

To be an effective student leader you should first of all be open minded person who can work with people of different cultural backgrounds. You should actually care about people, their needs and interests, be helpful and respectful. I love working with people, getting to know them and making new friends. As of the professional side of the student leader he/she should have good organizational skills, being a stress resistance person and able to handle big amount of work that needs to be done. And last but not least, do your work with a heart, be passionate about it and everything will be great!

I would be very grateful for every vote, because that shows that people have a faith in you and I really appreciate it! I am a person who is going to communicate a lot with the students directly to find out what are their interests and requirements. I love working with people from different cultures and getting to know them better. I had a previous experience of working as a council for the international students in the US and it was one of the best periods in my life. And one important thing you should know about me is that I am always keeping my promises! I think that with my personality and work passion we can make things work!

Sehajpal Singh

An ordinary grade12th pass out student pursuing with Business Administration (2nd year) SEHAJPAL SINGH, A boy with a vision to set up something different, a student with a goal to make Bow Valley proud. A traveler wandering in a midst to explore the yet unexplored. A friend with an inquisitive approach to lead all the mates in different swirl. Bestowed with fine oratory skills and pro-active attitude, this young man will possess the capability to become the face of his team.

Student Association of Bow Valley College is a great podium to flourish skills whose mission is to provide effective representation, a positive campus experience, and exceptional support services for all BVC learners. Through one-on-one meetings, workshops, resources and outreach, the counselling and wellness team offers a wide variety of services for BVC learners.

Student council is a heart of SABVC which give direction vision and operation to the association. If again getting a chance to be elected as student councilor I ensure to provide integrated services for BVC learners and foster a positive, supportive and respectful work culture. I will promote mental health wellness and awareness via SABVC. My main focus will be promoting integration of engagement through events, awareness and campaigns and volunteering among students through student life efforts.

Listen in a way others love speaking to you!! Speak in a way others love listening to you!! Leadership is a combination of practical skills and personal values that, when used together, create an atmosphere in which people feel valued and motivated to pursue a clear vision. A good leader should be a great decision maker who engage and consult each and every one to increase and maximize the impact of anything. Good leader should maintain consistency in values and has a keen vision to achieve goals. f I get the post of student councilor, I promise to be an extravorent and promising leader.

Sustainable actions are SABVC’s key philosophies. Students should support me because being a part with sabvc (last year) I think I have learned many things and I am on the track to meet goals of sabvc. I want to become the student voice because I think I can perform my duties with my full capability and to the best of my ability. I possess respect for individuals, responsibility in my actions and appreciate diversity. Believe me and I will prove it!!

Tenzin Topdhen

My name is Tenzin Topdhen. I am a second year student in the Justice Studies program here at Bow Valley College.

The Students’ Association of Bow Valley College is there to encourage and support Bow Valley College Students.

If elected, I would bring unique prospective from the Justice Studies program.

The trait required to be an effective student leader are to be a good advocate for the students. Also you must be a great listener and respectful.

I love to create events where students can learn something valuable and implement it.