Month: October 2016

Tuition Freeze Announcement

We received some great news this week! The Government of Alberta has announced that it will extend the tuition freeze until 2018. Market modifiers, which were increases that we fought against, and mandatory non-instructional fees will also continue to be frozen. Another encouraging sign is that they will be reviewing tuition fees for international students. […]

Students’ Council 2016-17

Thank you to all of the students who ran in the Students’ Council election this year and to the students who voted! Here is your Students’ Council for 2016-17: Akshat Dhingra, Varun Goyle, Corazon Tahum, Nicole Neufeld, Sehajpal Singh, Nivish Sabherwal, Rick Alvarez Guzman, Shandon Chalmers, May Bunn, Ankit (Andy) Rishi, Beatriz Viveiros, Ryan Lacelle. See your Councillors here.