Month: April 2019

BVC and the U-pass

Gareth Jones, The UPass service is meant to provide a less expensive alternative to adult bus passes for full-time students. Valid based on the typical four-month semester (September to December, January to April,) the UPass service is the result of a partnership between Calgary Transit and post-secondary schools in Calgary. Five post-secondary institutions have […]

SABVC news

Gareth Jones, In the modern day, print media is on the decline. It has been, in fact, for quite some time. The ubiquity of smartphones, and therefore the internet, has caused the daily newspaper in particular to fall out of favour. For years, though, the daily newspaper served as a uniting force. Simply put, […]

Thinking about volunteering with SABVC?

Gareth Jones, When searching for a job, a strong resume will help to differentiate one applicant from the competition. Potential employers look not only at previous job experience, but at other credentials, such as first aid training and volunteer work as well. Fortunately, students of Bow Valley College have the opportunity to volunteer through […]

Did you know about Places4Students?

As a student, you are being put under stress on the regular. Between school, work and family life, it can all get overwhelming. Looking for a place to live, though, doesn’t have to be stressful. SABVC has partnered with Places4Students, an affordable, off-campus housing directory. Places4Students allows landlords and property management companies to advertise specifically […]


Gareth Jones, No matter your program, your institution, or your reason for attending, a post-secondary experience gives a degree of power to the student. What will you do with your time between classes? What extracurricular and volunteer opportunities are there available? Truly, you have the power to dictate your experience. And there is nary […]

Year in review: Lovepreet Singh, President

For the past year, Lovepreet Singh has served as the President of SABVC, a position that he was originally inspired to run for in order to better represent the voice of his fellow students. Now, with his term coming to a close, he reflects on his time as President. Being President, he says, has been […]

Year in review: Mohib Ul-Haq, VP Student Life

Mohib Ul-Haq serves SABVC’s Vice President of Student Life, a position he has held for the winter semester of 2019. Now, nearing the end of his term, he reflects on the time he has spent here. He recalls a childhood propensity for leadership, and once he enrolled at Bow Valley College, jumped at the opportunity […]