2020-2021 Executive Election is Underway!

Today marks the beginning of the voting period for the SABVC Executive Election.

The voting period will run from Tuesday, March 31st – Thursday, April 2nd and will be administered via an online ballot that will be emailed to all SABVC members. Only SABVC members will be able to vote on the Executive Election.

To aid students in making an informed decision, we have put together a Virtual All Candidates Forum, where this year’s class of nominees will answer questions relevant to the positions they are running for. This along with several other resources including an organizational chart and the SABVC bylaws can be found on the SABVC Website.

This year’s nominees are:

Mlak (Angel) Abu GoshDirector of Internal Affairs

Gloria AgadaDirector of Finance

Yashpreet BadwalDirector of Internal Affairs

Sumaiya SaleemDirector of Internal Affairs

Ajayvir SinghDirector of Internal Affairs

Parpreet SinghDirector of Internal Affairs

Be sure to keep an eye on your BVC email for your secure voting link and additional details!