3 Big ‘Advocacy Wins’ by SABVC

Advocacy is at the forefront of everything SABVC does. Our student leaders work tirelessly to ensure that BVC Students have a voice. We are very pleased to announce that your voice has been heard loud and clear which has led to three more advocacy wins for our students. These advocacy wins are:

1. Greater Transparency with Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees

SABVC has successfully advocated for these fees to be accompanied by a detailed explanation on the BVC Website. An announcement for this has been shared on Student e-News.

2. Recording of Lectures

It was brought to SABVC’s attention that many instructors were not allowing their classes to be recorded, citing a violation of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP). SABVC successfully argued that simply was not the case and a communication has been sent out to college staff since, notifying instructors that classes can be recorded.

3. Student Satisfaction Surveys

SABVC expressed concern that the current Student Satisfaction Survey practices did not allow for institution to respond to the challenges being presented in the online learning environment. As a result, the college will be sending out a short survey to gauge student satisfaction with the following:

  • Online Course Delivery
  • Quality of Education
  • Quality and Accessibility of Services

These advocacy wins represent just a few more ways that SABVC is looking to ease the burden on students, especially during these uncertain times. To suggest any other issues you’d like the SABVC team to advocate for on our students behalf, visit our suggestion page.