Advocacy Efforts

So, what have we done on your behalf? Here are some of our advocacy ‘wins’:

Market Modifiers:

Back in 2014, Bow Valley College proposed tuition increases for the following programs: Health Care Aide Certificate (30% increase), Pharmacy Technician Diploma (22% increase), and the Practical Nurse Diploma (16% increase). This was in response to budget cuts from the Government of Alberta.

In response, we partnered with other Student Organizations in order to lobby against this change.

As a result, the newly elected Government of Alberta reversed the budget cuts and market modifiers. Also, the government put a two year freeze on tuition.

Reading Week

We understand that a student’s schedule brings on its fair share of pressure. We should know, we’re students too! To help ease this, we are advocating for a reading week here at Bow Valley College.

Bow Valley College is currently trying out a pilot project that gives students longer breaks. Specifically, the college is taking existing PD days and adding them to a long weekend for each semester (Fall/Winter).