Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t Bow Valley College have a campus UPass?

Bow Valley College does not have a UPass due to the high use of transit by BVC students. At post-secondary institutions that have a transit pass, all students pay for the pass, but only 40% – 60% of students use the pass. Projected transit use at Bow Valley College is over 90%. However, many students are eligible for a low income transit pass. You can find details on the pass here:

Where are the fitness facilities on campus for students?

There are no fitness facilities for students on campus. SABVC is very much opposed to this and we will continue to advocate to the College on the need for fitness facilities for students. SABVC hosts regular yoga and dance classes for students. Students can access Anytime Fitness for $49.00 per month.

How can I be a part of Student Council?

There are many ways to be part of Student Council. SABVC will be holding elections for the 12 councillor positions during the month of September. You can pick up a nomination package and be part of the board that governs the Association. If you would like more commitment, SABVC holds executive elections in March. There are four positions available. Finally, SABVC welcomes all students to attend our SABVC meetings, which happen twice per month. Meetings occur every second Thursday. Contact SABVC for the next meeting date.

Can I get free photocopying at the SABVC office?

We do offer photocopying services for students for a small price. Black and white copies are $0.10/page and colour copies are $0.20/page.

If I miss New Student Orientation (NSO), can I come to the SABVC office on another day and get the free giveaways?

Giveaways for NSO are not available after the NSO day has concluded.

Can I get help from SABVC with my resume, cover letter, application forms, and/or tax returns?

You can access help with these things from Learner Success Services.

As an international student, how can I meet new people and improve my English?

By volunteering, you can network and create relationships. Also, student clubs can connect you with your peers.

Does SABVC provide Off Campus Housing?

While there is no off-campus housing, we have partnered with Places4Students to provide our students with affordable housing listings.

Does SABVC offer any student awards? If it does, how do I apply?

We give away several student awards. You can apply for these awards by going through the College awards portal.

I enjoy being a SABVC volunteer, but I want to be more involved with the Association. How can I do this?

The most immersive way for you to be involved with SABVC is to be an elected member. You can be a student councillor or an executive committee member.

I have a complaint about an instructor. Can SABVC help me?

Absolutely, we can help guide you through the formal grievance process. Just contact our office or our VP of External Communications.

Does SABVC have a student newspaper so I can join?

Currently, there is no campus newspaper, but we can provide assistance to students who wish to start one.

Am I eligible for the Health & Dental Benefits Plan at Bow Valley College?

Find out who is eligible for the Health and Dental Plan here.

Is there a Food Bank program at Bow Valley College for students in need?

Currently, there is no Food Bank Program at Bow Valley College. Learner Success Services has emergency options for students in need.