Your Student Executive Team

Gloria Agada

Director of Finance
(403) 4191698
Room s2034

I am Gloria Iye Agada, a first-year Disability studies student. I hail from Olamaboro Local Government Area of  Kogi State in Nigeria. I am loving, caring, spiritual and fun to be with, I put people’s interest first, ensuring they smile and are happy. I am especially passionate about the well being of disabled persons and I’m always going the extra mile to see to their happiness , so they can attain the quality of life they want. I always advocate for a better quality of life, especially for the elderly, so that they feel like they have a voice in the society we live in.  I love to travel…

Parpreet Singh

Director of Internal Affairs
(403) 410-1667
Room S2034

My name is Parpreet Singh, and I am from Punjab, India. I am enrolled in the Business Administration Diploma. There are several interesting facts about me. For one, I am a great speaker. I am also a good team player and like to discuss plans with my team prior to putting our projects in motion. By the way, I am also a good chef too and love to try new things!