Your Student Executive Team

Lovepreet Singh

(403) 410-1668
Room S2034

Hello, My Name is Lovepreet Singh Kahlon and I am the elected President of the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College. I am an international student from India, arriving in Canada last August. Currently, I am studying in the Hospital Unit Clerk certificate program. I also completed my certificate in Health and Human Services Management in April 2018. Additionally, I completed a Bachelor of Nursing in India.

I am a big sports fan who played basketball back in India for almost 8 years. This the second country I have lived in aside from my home country. My experience living on other countries has given me the chance to cross paths…

Shorena Esartia

Vice President - External Communications
(403) 410-1698
Room S2034

Hello, my name is Shorena Esartia. I am an elected VP of External Communications for 2018/2019 years. Originally, I am from Georgia, Eastern Europe. It is my second year in Canada and currently, I am studying at a Business Administration Diploma program. From back home I have a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. I have been living and studying in different countries, including United States, Moldova, Russia, and Georgia.  My life experience has made me value such things as diversity, multiculturalism, and respect for the freedom of choice. I love traveling and meeting new people. I speak four foreign languages and I always try to communicate with people in…

Deepankar Sharma

Vice President - Operations & Finance
(403) 410-1669
Room S2034

Hello everyone, my name is Deepankar Sharma. I am from a city called golden city Amritsar, Punjab, India. I am always looking for opportunities to explore more and learn more about things around us so that I can develop my personal brand and as per my opinion life is all about learning it doesn’t matter where you learn when you learn how you learn even from mistakes sometimes. This is the main reason I decided to run for executive election. I am currently enrolled in Business Administration Diploma major in Financial Service. I have completed Bachelor of Commerce major in finance back in India. I also have one year three…