Students’ Council

2020 - 2021 Councillors

Harkirat Singh - Councillor, Chiu School of Business

Harkirat Singh is a 2nd-year business administration student who has joined SABVC to use his positive attitude to advocate for students on behalf of the Chiu School of Business. Originally from India, he is committed to ensuring that the diverse SABVC membership continues to have a voice.

In his free time, Harkirat can be found meditating, listening to music or playing soccer.

Amanda Valvasori - Councillor, School of Community Studies

Amanda has joined SABVC to remind her fellow students that they always have a support system in SABVC. She wants students to know that SABVC is always here to assist through its programs and services, even amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

A strong believer in restorative justice, Amanda is hoping to begin her career in probation after graduation. When she is not busy with her studies, Amanda can be found spending time with her family.

Lexus Firstrider - Councillor, Indigenous Students Representative

Having long been fascinated by her own Indigenous heritage, Lexus got involved with SABVC because she saw an opportunity to represent the voice of indigenous students, and the chance for lasting impact that comes with it. As a newcomer to Calgary, she is particularly fond of BVC’s inclusive environment and is committed to ensuring that people from all walks of life feel represented and supported.

Lexus is finishing off the final year of the Justice Studies program, specializing in Corrections. After graduation, she plans to move to BC to pursue a career as a Correctional Officer.

Jill Higgins - Councillor, School of Health and Wellness

Jill is midway through the Practical Nurse program, and has joined SABVC as a councillor to broaden her horizons. She loves a new challenge and is looking forward to advocating for her peers. After graduation, Jill is hoping to work as a Practical Nurse while pursuing further education.

In her free time, Jill can be found reading, hiking or skiing.

Ian Kappo - Councillor, School of Foundational Learning

Ian is currently upgrading with a goal of applying to the Social Work Program. He joined SABVC to make a positive impact on campus. He loves the diverse and welcoming environment that BVC is known for, and is committed to advocating for further inclusion.

A deep thinker with good intuition and insight, Ian is always up to strike a conversation with his fellow SABVC members. He enjoys listening to music of all varieties and is hoping to give back to the community upon graduation.

Arshdeep Singh Brar - Councillor, School of Technology

A 2nd year Digital Design student, Arsh noticed that issues brought up among his fellow students in conversation seemed to fall by the wayside. Eager to ensure these problems don’t slip through the cracks further, he has joined SABVC as a councillor.

A natural entertainer, Arshdeep can always be found in front of a camera. He is constantly tweaking his portfolio and is hoping to work in his field upon graduation.

Sara Naserifar - Councillor, School of Global Access

Eager to share her experience from transitioning to a new life in Canada, Sara joined SABVC hoping to pave the way for her fellow School of Global Access Students. She is a strong advocate for the services SABVC implements, particularly the volunteering offerings.

A self-described “baking enthusiast”, Sara can be found baking for her family and friends when she’s not busy with her studies. After graduation, Sara intends to pursue further education, specifically in the field of Biotechnology.