Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide effective representation, a positive campus experience, and exceptional support services for all BVC learners.

  1. Maintain consistency in our values and vision to achieve our goals.
  2. Advocate for students internally, provincially, and federally
  3. Provide integrated services for BVC learners
  4. Foster a positive, supportive, and respectful work culture
  5. Build a sense of community by embracing diversity and ensuring equality and acceptance
  6. Engage and consult students to increase awareness and maximize SABVC impact
  7. Provide a positive, safe, and healthy environment within Bow Valley College
  8. Ensure professional, productive, and responsible relationships with corporate, government, and post-secondary communities
Guiding Principles
  1. We provide value to students by having the lowest Association fees in the province
  2. We are inclusive of people from all walks of life
  3. We maintain exceptional relationships within the Bow Valley College community
  4. We value our staff and their contribution to our success
  5. We are actively and responsibly involved in anything that impacts our learners

To view the SABVC strategic plan, click here: SABVC Strategic Plan 2017