AGM Vote Topics

SABVC Bylaw Changes to be voted on at the 2017 Annual General Meeting:

  • Removed the 2.75% amount of membership fees to awards fund. (REFER TO: 4)
  • Confirm that VP External assumes the duties in the absence of the President (REFER TO: 2)
  • GM Job description:
    • Responsible for overseeing honoraria, payroll, processing, accounts payable and receivable documentation for processing (REFER TO: 2 (g))
    • Responsible and overseeing… not doing. (REFER TO: 2 (p))
    • Change name to Executive Director (throughout document)
  • Number of voting days subject to Electoral Committee (REFER TO: 37.3)
  • 2.5 GPA for Executive Elections (REFER TO: 35.2 d ii A)
  • Cannot have a misconduct on their transcript (REFER TO: 35.2 c)
  • Online voting (REFER TO: 38.6)
  • Tie elections are now addressed (REFER TO: 38.7)
  • Numbering was incorrect (there were two sections 41)

Reference materials:

Copy of Budget 2017-2018

Bylaws – Summer 2017 Edits – ED (4)