Austin Deck Elected Vice Chair for Calgary Student Alliance

We would like to extend a congratulations to Austin Deck for being elected to the position of Vice Chair for Calgary Student Alliance on June 1, 2021. 

When asked what this position entails, Austin gave the following statement:

“As Vice Chair of Calgary Student Alliance, I will be working with the chair to lead Calgary Post-Secondary Students in advocacy work that is crucial to the Calgary area. I will be helping to coordinate the Calgary Post-Secondary Get out the Vote campaign in our upcoming election based on members’ wishes. I will be in charge of coordinating meeting notes and passing them out and will also Chair our meetings in the absence of the Chair. We also are working towards a model where one of us focuses on internal work while the other focuses on external work on behalf of the Alliance. 

This year will be an exciting year as I work with the Chair to set policies and formats for future student leaders so that Calgary Student Alliance is solidified and can take advantage of every opportunity as well as making sure Calgary students’ voices are heard.”