Connects Campaigns

The #WeCare Campaign

“SABVC strives to provide a safe space for Bow Valley College learners of every gender, age, religion, culture and sexual orientation. If you are a victim of sexual assault, we want you to know that we care, we believe you, and we want to help. Our doors are 100% open to those in need of help. Come talk to us about sexual assault and the steps towards its prevention.” –

The #IBelieveYou Campaign

“Sexual assault is complex, but the best first response is surprisingly simple – I Believe You. More than ever, people are standing with survivors of sexual assault by embracing believing as a first response. When you start by believing, you encourage more survivors to get help and seek justice, making our communities healthier and safer for everyone.” –

Gender Based Analysis +

GBA+ is an analytical tool used to assess the potential impacts of policies, programs, services, and other initiatives on diverse groups of women and men, taking into account gender and other identity factors. The “plus” in the name highlights that GBA+ goes beyond gender, and includes the examination of a range of other intersecting identity factors (such as age, education, language, geography, culture and income).” –

Pre-Think Your Drink 

“Pre-Think Your Drink is a toolkit is to provide post-secondary institutions and student groups on Alberta campuses with resources to help reduce high-risk drinking and the harm that students may experience from drinking.” – Alberta Health Services