Did you know about Places4Students?

As a student, you are being put under stress on the regular. Between school, work and family life, it can all get overwhelming. Looking for a place to live, though, doesn’t have to be stressful.

SABVC has partnered with Places4Students, an affordable, off-campus housing directory. Places4Students allows landlords and property management companies to advertise specifically to students. They have partnered with over 170 post-secondary institutions across Canada and the United States, all the while marketing their services to students. In fact, the service was created by post-secondary students, for post-secondary students.

Places4Students offers flexible business models in order to meet the needs of everyone involved. Landlords are incentivized to use the service based on the 100,000+ successful experiences so far, and there are perks for students as well. Students can post roommate profiles, students sublets or to a forum, all entirely for free. Listings are up-to-date, with a minimum of 24 photos per property, virtual reality tours for some properties, a complete listing of amenities, and floor plans.

When revenue sharing with its partners, all services are provided for free. In other words, every one of Places4Students’ services are free for members of SABVC. Revenue sharing partners will also receive a portion of the profits from listings posted for their school. Using Places4Students not only provides students with a better, more reliable alternative when looking for a place to live, it helps out SABVC as well.

Next time you are searching for a place to live, skip the dodgy Kijiji listing and check out Places4Students.