Fall 2020 Election Candidates

Interested in who’s running for SABVC office this semester? Find out who your student leader candidates are below!

Director of External Affairs Candidates


Parry Sobti

I am Parry Sobti, native of India. I’m currently pursuing Software Development Diploma from Bow Valley College. In my opinion, one’s personality and work define him. I have served as Student Counsellor for the Fall Session of 2019. Also, back in India I was associated with an N.G.O. and helped my dad with family business which shaped me into who I am today. I strategically approach problems and try to give my best in whatever I do. I believe that the hustle must go on.

Student Association of Bow Valley College is an integral part of the college to represent the students. It is indispensable to the functioning of college and a connection between the students and the institution. The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organising and carrying out various activities and service projects. The association is the voice of the student body, they help share ideas, interests and concerns with the community along with making each student feel at ease by assuring equality and acceptance.

There are a few issues currently impacting Bow Valley College students; majorly due to the new normal the pandemic has brought. Everyone is trying to get hold of the new classrooms that regulate online and for many it hasn’t been a smooth journey. Being unable to interact and socialise with people in person has somewhat affected their mental health. Analysing the situation and the issues I’d always try to be reachable to resolve their issues and try to provide a comfortable space where they can express themselves.

Key issues faced by post-secondary students in Alberta are lack of campus exposure. The students aren’t getting a chance to interact or engage in campus activities. Also, the government’s decision to cut post- secondary funding would limit the access of quality education to some students.

My commitment towards any task and an experience of serving as a Student Councillor make me the appropriate candidate for the designation. Moreover, having an experience of working with an N.G.O. and managing my family business has tested my skills to manage the available resources to use them in the most efficient way. Also, I abide by giving the best in me and bringing out the best in everyone.


Students’ Council Candidates – Chiu School of Business Rep

Harkirat Singh

I am Harkirat Singh, pursuing the Business adm nistration diploma at Chiu school of business at Bow valley colle ge. I was born in Punjab (Province in India). Before this I Was the Student at SBBS University, Jalandhar, Punjab I competed my bachelor’s degree in commerce from the same University, before that I completed my secondary education from the GDR convent school and Mount Carmel School in India. During my study I met the peer from nations , so I gained the experience of speaking different languages. My knowns always gave me the compliment of being reliable , honest , and trustworthy.

Student’s association of Bow valley college is the framed network of best minds that coordinate the different events at different times for the students. It comes into existence in 1994 with a view to manage the student activities by delivering them the best experience during their duration of course in Bow Valley College. From the time it was establish ed, it has a record of proving the outstanding experience to the students whether domestic or the international. The SABVC has the single eye for the students from Canada or from any other part of world, that is its Uniqueness.

Strength lies in Unity and SABVC is always blessed with the finest and diversified minds, these minds constantly work to provide the amazing overall experience to the students. SABVC always gave equal opportunity to the students from all parts of globe to contribute their efforts in promoting social welfare at college. I shall consider myself as an example that I am fro} India still getting the equal opportunity to contribute my efforts for SABVC, therefore this diversity always helps to bring different thoughts and ideas with different sight, which helps SABVC to touch , eak of Success.

Right now in Alberta, Post -Secondary students are facing the challenging time due to the outbreak of Covid-19 , they have to study and complete there course material online, major issue arises when they lack the physical meetings , though, online meeting are equivalent . A+ her issue is of lack of physical resources , like books, library- many students has the habit to complete the coursework by reading different books, that is not available now. Another issue is to preparing the reopening, this will be another challenge for which every post- secondary student has to be prepared to cope up.

With the blessing of almighty, in combined efforts of SABVC I will try my level best to prepare every student of BVC to cope up with this challenging time, I will always be there to help my colleagues and our students of BVC with high priority. I ensure that no one will have the chance to face any issue during my term of work. I will constantly work on promoting and imp oving the standards of operations of SABVC. Though SABVC has high standards but for sure room for improvement is always there , we will work on achieving the Best.