Clubs Overview

Clubs on campus are one of the best ways for you to personalize your college experience. Clubs give you the freedom to pursue an interest/passion with others on campus!


As a member of a club, you have to opportunity to gain leadership experience, meet new people, learn/develop new skills, and create lasting memories! Plus, extra-curricular activities look great on resumes, especially in a leadership capacity.

Also, all of your club members are able to add club involvement to their Co-Curricular records.

What’s your Co-Curricular Record, you ask? Think of it like an Extra-Curricular Resume.

It’s a record of your Bow Valley College activities that have enriched your experience and helped you develop important skills. You can present this to potential employers, add it to awards applications, and add it to applications for further post-secondary education. You can find out more by visiting the Co-Curricular Record Page.