SABVC Clubs Manual

Club dos and don’ts

The following highlights some of the important do’s and don’ts for student clubs. Note these constitute only a summary of club obligations, for further information please check the Clubs Policy and the Clubs Procedures.

Clubs Do:

  • Abide by their own approved constitution;
  • Have the club policy and procedures must read by each club executive member;
  • Designate at three signing authorities from their executive members;
  • Submit the Fall Activity Report by November 30 and the Winter Activity Report by March 30. Failure to do so will make the club ineligible for renewal of ratification;
  • Ensure that all promotional materials and tickets for events involving alcohol comply with the SABVC Clubs Policy;
  • Submit all appropriate paperwork, especially the Club Activity Application, a minimum of two weeks prior to all club events;
  • Participate in the semesterly club parade hosted by SABVC.

Clubs Do Not:

  • Abuse the Students’ Association’s services, privileges, or funding;
  • Use all or part of the corporate name, logo, symbol, and/or initials of the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College without written consent of the SABVC;
  • Use Bow Valley College’s corporate name, logo, symbol, and/or initials;
  • Use the corporate name and/or symbol of any outside organization without written consent;
  • Participate in or arrange activities which are deemed by the Students’ Association as blatantly disregarding public safety, violating the SABVC bylaws or policies, or damaging the Students’ Association, its facility, or its staff or representatives;
  • Hold any events or activities outside of regular meetings that have not been approved;
  • Hold a pub crawl, as they are strictly prohibited by SABVC;
  • Hold campus-wide events unless they are in collaboration with SABVC.

IMPORTANT: A club is not an agent or representative of SABVC and has no authority to act on behalf of SABVC.

Start-up grant

Once your club is ratified, it may be eligible for a $200 start-up fund! The fund must be used for starting up the club, aiming two specific goals: (I) to gain new members; or (II) to generate revenue for the club. Suggested uses for this grant include:

  • Club start-up event
  • Club t-shirts
  • Marketing materials for advertising the club
  • Fundraising

You can also apply for the Activity and Event Grant, we may help pay for more of your activities!

Please consult the Clubs Policy and the Clubs Procedures for further information about the Start-up Grant and the Activity and Event Grant.

Club meetings

Plan regular meeting times. Create an agenda in advance and follow the Rules of Order determined by the club. In exceptional cases, you may use the SABVC meeting space, be sure to arrange this in advance with the SABVC Clubs Representative.

Running an event or activity

For any event or activity that your club wants to hold, you will need SABVC’s approval. For that, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Clubs Events Application
  2. Book an appointment with the SABVC Clubs Representative to review your application;
  3. Submit your application to the SABVC reception desk or email it to the SABVC Clubs Representative.

Events and activities outside of regular meetings MUST be approved by the SABVC Clubs Representative at least two weeks in advance. SABVC is not liable for events and activities that do not have pre-approval. Remember: events should target current students and not alumni.

Examples of Club Events

There are many types of events and activities that clubs may wish to organize, including:

  • Fundraisers (for the club or for a charity)
  • Graduation parties
  • Awareness events for a particular issue, topic, cause, etc.
  • Meet and greets (help students in a program or with similar issues get to know one another)
  • Networking events (bring in industry representatives to mingle with or present to students)
  • Sport events (hiking, skating, skiing, etc.)
  • Sales (bake sales, book swaps, chocolates, etc. just not for the profit of club members)
  • Collection initiatives (food drives, clothing collections, toy drives)
  • Field trips (Banff tours, University trips, industry related company tour, etc.)

Please consult theClubs Policy and the Clubs Procedures for further information about club events and activities.


The SABVC can help your club advertise, whether you are looking for more members or promoting an event. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Event Advice
  • Free printing for club’s activities – up to 20 colour copies per event
  • Assistance to share club’s information on SABVC Social Media
  • Booking space with enough notice
  • Booking tables with enough notice

For further information, please refer to Clubs Procedures.

Mandatory Activity Reports

According to the Clubs Policy, all ratified clubs shall submit Fall Activity Report by November 30 and Winter Activity Report by March 30. These reports will inform the SABVC of the club’s finance situation, the intention to continue and any changes in the club’s constitution. It also helps club members to reflect on their activities and provide advice for incoming club leadership. Most importantly: the report indicates the club’s desire to maintain its active ratified status. A Report Template is provided for your convenience.

Club Banking

General Banking Regulations

According to the Clubs Procedures, all ratified clubs must maintain a bank account with the Students’ Association and the club Executives are responsible for managing their club’s bank account. Therefore, please keep the SABVC Clubs Representative updated about the Club Executives that are the club signing authorities.

Putting Money Into Your Account

A deposit slip will be available for a Club Executive to complete at the SABVC reception desk or it can be requested to the SABVC Clubs Representative. All deposits must be made within seven business days of receiving the funds. Cheques must be made out to SABVC – we cannot deposit cheques written out to Bow Valley College or your club.

Getting Money Out of Your Account

Two club signing authorities (Executives) must sign the Account Withdrawal or the Cheque Requisition forms.


  • Receipts must be submitted to SABVC by the club’s executive(s)
  • Only funds spent on previously approved items will be refunded
  • All receipts must be itemized (presented as a list or breakdown of specific items)
  • Receipts must be submitted within two weeks after the receipt’s date

For auditing purposes and to show where the funds were used, receipts must be submitted for all purchases, even if the money has already been withdrawn from the bank account.

If a receipt is misplaced, a memorandum explaining the expense must be signed by three club signing authorities. Failure to submit receipts may result in disciplinary actions.

Please consult the Clubs Policy and the Clubs Procedures for further information about club finances.

Need Help?

If your club need any assistance or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the SABVC Clubs Representative, Arshit Dhingra, or the Director of Internal Affairs, Parpreet Singh. They will help you to get the information you need.