Executive Election

This election will determine who represents the voice of Bow Valley College students on the Executive Committee. On this page, you will find information about the candidates and the dates for the actual voting days of the election.

Election Dates

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
12:00 am - 3:00 pm
in Online
Monday, March 18, 2019
9:00 am - 11:59 pm
in Online
Tuesday, March 19, 2019
12:00 am - 11:59 pm
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Election Candidates

Tabitha Pruden
  1. My name is Tabitha Pruden, and I am a dedicated, hard-working, and responsible metis woman who has lived in Calgary for most of my life. I am currently enrolled in the social work program and have a strong desire to make improvements to student life at Bow Valley College and to advocate for students.  I want to be a voice for my fellow students, to really listen to and support them!
  2. I have scoured the SABVC website multiple times and have read the bylaws that govern the student’s association. I understand that SABVC advocates for students and is the main conduit between the student body and Bow Valley College.  I am committed to being a respectable and knowledgeable leader if I am to be elected as an executive of SABVC.
  3. As a social work student, we are taught about the core values of an ethical social worker. These include respect for inherent dignity and worth of people, pursuit of social justice, service to humanity, integrity in professional practice, and competence in professional practice.  I vow to adhere to these ethics in every aspect throughout the campaign, election, and if I am elected, to the position of Vice President of Student Life.
  4. I am an outgoing and friendly person, who loves to talk to others. I intend to utilize these skills to establish communication with students from other programs.  It is my aim to ensure students are being heard.
  5. I should be elected to the position of Vice President of Student Life because of my passion, integrity, and dedication. I have many ideas for improving life for students at Bow Valley College which include supporting the continuation of reading week after the trial semesters, advocating for free period products to be placed in all washrooms throughout the campus, advocating for Bow Valley College to offer student transit passes, as well as making SABVC more visible and familiar to students who may not know the purpose of the student’s association.
Shivank Sharma
  • Tell us about yourself?

My name is Shivank Sharma I am currently enrolled in Business Administration Diploma. My hobbies are watching the news and reading current affairs. I have a deep interest in politics as I was brought up in a political family and I want to establish myself as a voice for the students and always want to help others which makes me feel happy. I am very dedicated towards my studies and always believe that

Running from the challenges is a race you will never win.

  • What do you know about the student association of Bow Valley College?

Student Association of Bow Valley College is an organization that is very dedicated towards the Representation of the students so that the student experience can be enhanced, and every student can be satisfied with the Bow Valley College services. It is an organization which works for the students and act as a direct link between the Bow Valley Authorities and the Students.

  • How are you as a candidate, going to demonstrate ethical behaviour to voters?

As a responsible candidate it is my duty to guide the votes to vote for any candidate even if they are not satisfied with my future goals for making the college more better for students, As it is the responsibility of the voters to vote in election without any influence as each and every vote is crucial and the voice of common masses is what all elections are about. I will suggest the voters to vote fairly so that the best candidate may win the election which will be beneficial for both the voters and the candidates as they can learn from the winning candidate and can improve themselves for the future elections.

  • SABVC needs to represent all students. If elected. How would you ensure that students outside your program or peer group are being represented?

If I got elected, it will be my duty to represent all the students for this I will provide my personal contact number to all the students so that when they are in the problem they don’t have to wait for me to be in college. I will also visit college each day when I will get free from my studies and work so that I may try to be with them personally. I will also conduct a personal survey to know which student needs my help.

  • What is your platform?

While I was new in college I heard the speech of the current vice president of student life and his proposal was very impressive he talked about many issues but none of them is completed.

My focus will be on helping the students in every way. Our college needs Gym facility our students needs Transit cards so that they may not have to spend $100 every month for Bus and C train passes. I will also request the college to have more night classes. Along with night classes, More courses availability is needed in Spring Term.

So, this is my platform which I will use to get votes.

Jasdeep Singh
  1. Hello, my name is Jasdeep Singh Malhi. I am from Punjab, India. I have a commerce background as I have graduated from high school with accounting as my main subject. Here at BVC, I am enrolled in a 2-year Business administration diploma and currently, I am in my second semester. Before coming to BVC, I was in Vernon, BC and I did my first semester over there. I am an open-minded person and I love to talk to new people as I am always curious to learn new things about people and their cultures.
  2. SABVC is a bridge between college and student. Its main motive is to make student’s life better and provide them opportunities which help lead a better life at college. SABVC also arranges different events for students. Students can come in at SABVC and discuss their problem with student’s council and then, together they can look for a solution. It gives student a chance to develop their skills such as leadership, communication, etc. at college level which will further help them in future. SABVC creates the leaders of tomorrow.
  3. As a candidate, I will not use any unethical way to get votes. I will use fair ways to ask votes from students. Also, I will follow all the rules and regulations provided by the SABVC. Everything will be done inside the law and I will make sure that elections will go smoothly without any problem.
  4. If I got elected, everyone will be treated equally whether they are in my program or not because they are the one who will be voting for me. As, I am also an international student so I know the challenges, problems different students face. I will also make sure that everyone on the campus whether they are in majority or minority are treated with respect and dignity.
  5. I am running in elections because I think, I have what it takes to be vice president. I am an open-minded person as anyone can come and talk to me without any fear or hesitation. I always look forward to help everyone and be kind and nice to them. I take decisions based on what will result in a better outcome for everyone rather than what is best for me.
Henry Chavez

Tell us about yourself?

I am an International Student, in the second semester of a Business Administration Diploma, majoring in Human Resources. I am passionate about building relationships, people’s development, entrepreneurship and volunteerism.  My experience in Finance, Project Management and Business Services in different countries, enable me to relate with people from different backgrounds, learned the importance of culture awareness and value diversity. I am driven by challenges, improvement opportunities and volunteerism, which is the reason why I have chosen to be an Executive member of SABVC. Currently, I am an Executive member of Enactus Bow Valley and an active volunteer in BVC Cares.

What do you know about the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College?

SABVC is a 25-year organization, responsible for representing Full-time and Part-time students and improving our experience, funded with fees paid by our learners in Bow Valley College. The organization’s main goals are advocate for students, provide valued services, contribute to diversity and the community, and create a safe and positive environment for its members. The Student’s Council, Executive Committee, the Executive Director, and an amazing group of Support Staff form SABVC; all of them strive for making College the best experience possible.

How you as a candidate, going to demonstrate ethical behavior to voters?

I am a person that lives by values and who always think and do the right thing for society and my own reputation. During my early life my family taught me the importance of being a honest, respectful, integral and hardworking human being, since having values aligns your decisions and your actions to positive and fulfilling outcomes. I will run by the rules, not only because it is my responsibility and my decision but also because our Students need to thrust their representatives being elected for SABVC to accomplish its mission.

SABVC needs to represent all students. If elected, would you ensure that students outside your program or peer group are being represented?

Once elected as Vice-president of Operations and Finance, I will make myself visible and accessible in College, create new relationships with students, be present in events to get ideas and concerns, and create a team who can channel needs and requests for the Student Association. I also think social networks can be very effective getting ideas and immediate feedback; therefore, I will be creating and absorbing content that gives us exposure and understanding of the overall student population. Finally, I have great friends in College from all ethnicities and programs that will help me to properly represent everyone’s needs.

What is your platform? A platform is a declared policy of a candidate as to why people should vote for them.

I plan to work in four priorities as a SABVC Executive member: 1) Create a closer interaction between the different programs and Clubs with SABVC, as a mean for students to improve their overall experience in our College; 2) Strengthen diversity integration and representation for all communities and minorities, such as Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Thinking style and Gender; 3) Optimize the allocation of financial resources for the most valued benefits that students need; and 4) Promote a culture of innovation and improvement in Student services from SABVC and Bow Valley College.


Holly McCullough

About myself-

My name is Holly McCullough, I am in my second semester of upgrading. I am originally from outside of Edmonton and have been in Calgary for 7 years. I am a mother of 2 wonderful children, I adore animals and have 4 cats and a dog myself. So, it is quite a house full. I also enjoy reading and gaming in my spare time. I also enjoy fishing, photography, kayaking, and hiking (we are lucking to be so close to the mountains and all the benefits of the wilderness).

What do I know about the Student Association-

The Students Association of Bow Valley is an organization that is there to help advocate and represent students of Bow Valley Collage both within the collage and our government whether that be municipal, provincial, or federal. The Association is here for every Bow Valley student in both the main DT campus as well as our regional campuses, to help us all succeed as post secondary student’s.

My Position on Ethical Behavior-

My moral integrity is strong and unbreakable, I believe in doing what is right, not matter what others think or believe. As a current student leader, I passionately believe that weather you are a candidate or an elected student leader you should always be demonstrating ethical behavior – in the classroom, in the collage, and outside of school. I will treat all students with respect and dignity, I promise I will NEVER force a student into a position they do not want to be in by word or action. I will ALWAYS treat students the way I want to be treated.

My Platform and All Student Representation-

I will bring a voice for every student, someone who will represent all students; not just one group/demographic or program of students. I will be there to advocate for the parents of Bow Valley, the women of Bow, our indigenous students, those struggling with mental or physical impairments, and everyone who needs an advocate. Even though I am an Upgrading student I will never discriminate against other program students nor will I alienate students from other programs. Everyone has the right to be treated fairly and equally. Everyone has the right to be heard, and I want to be there to give you that voice. I will also advocate for more inclusion for all groups within the collage, making us all feel apart and welcome. I will strive to learn and grow to be the best advocate for you.

Gurpreet Singh Gahla


My name is Gurpreet Singh Gahla. I am currently enrolled in Business Administration Diploma in Bow Valley College. It is my 2nd semester in this college. I am 18 years old. I am an international student here from India. I came to Canada in August 2018 for further studies. Furthermore, I love sports and mostly I like to play volleyball in my leisure time. I also love to go on travelling and exploring new things in my life. I am always looking for more opportunities every day so I can improve myself and can be successful in my life.

Students’ Association of Bow Valley College

Student association of Bow Valley College was founded in 1994. In that time, it was named as an ‘’Alberta Vocations College Students” or ‘’Bow Valley College Students Association”. Currently, it is registered under Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta. SABVC is an effective organization in Bow Valley College which helps to those students who come from another countries. SABVC’s mission is to provide better positive environment, health plans, support and organize events for the students. Its goal is to engage and consult students to increase the awareness and maximize the impact of SABVC.

Elections and Campaigns

Being as a candidate, I know that everyone has the equal right to do the campaign in the campus, so I will not force the other candidate to do not do the campaign in College. I will make sure every time that the campus environment will be good at all the times. Every voter has independently to vote anyone, so they can vote anyone to whom they want. I will meet to students and tell them what my mission is for you and for the organization. I will follow all the campaign rules which will be told to me. Moreover, good luck to every candidate.

Being as a representative of SABVC

If I will get a chance to be a member of SABVC team, I will try my best to help every student as I can do. I will tell to every student about SABVC that what is the mission and vision of SABVC. I will serve for Bow Valley Students. I will complete my all the duties and responsibilities as a servant of SABVC. I will come up with new ideas to more develop the SABVC. I will do my best to work on its missions and visions and make it more successful.


My platform to make SABVC more helpful, more accessible to students and more cooperative. My focus is make SABVC accessible to each and every student. SABVC has been helping to the students since it was founded, I want to maintain this records of providing services to students in future. My goal will be to help every student as possible as I can do. New innovations and improvements will be there in the SABVC, so more services can be provided to students. Every student should get help from the SABVC. At last, SABVC’s mission will to make the life of every student easier by helping them.

Karandeep Singh Gill


Hi, my name is Karandeep Singh Gill, I am 21 years old. I am a current student in Bow Valley College attending the Dental Business Assistant. My background is from India. I have been brought up and studied over there. I came to Canada in December 2017 for my higher studies.  My hobbies are to help others out when in need, I love traveling the world, love searching new things on the internet and like to learn and know what is happening in the world. I always look for opportunities which could help me to improve myself.

Students’ Association of Bow Valley College:

Students’ Association of Bow Valley was established in 1994. It was first named Alberta Vocational College Students’ Association and Bow Valley College Students’ Association. SABVC Organization is currently authorized under the Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta (PSLA) in Section 93, Chapter P-19.5. SABVC is an organization made to effectively represent Bow Valley Students at International and National Levels. It is dedicated to provide students a positive campus environment, diversity management, support services for students and plan events for students. SABVC team is responsible to help and encourage the students to take advantage of all the services provided in campus.

Elections and Campaign:

As a candidate in elections, I will make sure that the environment of campus does not get disturbed. Every voter has the right to vote independently. The voting campaign should run smoothly. All the candidates should be appreciated and given equal opportunity as they all have the equal rights to do campaigns. I will go to every voter and tell them about my goals and visions for the organization. How can I be of value for the organization? Campaign should be done by following all the rules and instructions. At last, I want to wish luck for all the candidates standing in elections.

As a Representative of SABVC team:

I will love to be a member of the SABVC team and serve the students in every way I can. I will go to the every office and in campus to tell the students about the SABVC team and the services, we provide. Leadership of an organizations brings the responsibilities and helps you to explore the new opportunities which could bring a change to improve things. I want to be a servant leader of SABVC that I must be able to complete all the duties. I will continue to work on the SABVC mission and goals and I will also like to suggest new ideas in some fields.

My Platform:

More Accessible, More Obliging and More Fruitful. My main agenda is to make SABVC more available for the students. I think a more easily accessible service is always the first choice of everyone. SABVC organization has been always there for the students to help and I would like to do the same. New improvements will be made to make the services better. I want that students should be able to get every kind of help we can provide to them and direct them for all the provided campus services. Our mission should always be to make a student’s life easy in the times they need any help from college services.

Mimi Tang

Hi everyone:

My name is Mimi Tang. I am running for SABVC presidency for 2020. I am a domestic student born and raised in Calgary.  For this upcoming year I will be pursuing my Post Diploma Certificate in Digital Marketing.  I am someone that is known for my volunteering and involvement on campus.

Since starting school in January of 2016, I made SABVC a second home for me, I been actively volunteering and participating in their events.  I don’t know everything there is about SABVC, but I do know a lot, from my time spent in their office.

I am someone that has always acted ethically.  I don’t badger or harass people for votes.  Student council is important for advocating for the students on campus and I respect that and will uphold their standards and help bring issues and concerns into light.

Students should vote for me because I am willing to go out and do what needs to be done. I am not shy to ask or push for results.  I am an actively involved student that can time manage my tasks and responsibilities without over looking my studies. I feel that all student needs are important.

My platform is for Affordability, people should be able to afford to live in Calgary, eat and study.  Transparency, the students should be able to see what SABVC is doing for them in terms of their problems.  Lastly, I support Inclusion.  I feel we as a human race are more similar than we are different let’s embrace our commonality instead of division with our differences. Vote for me because “I care”