VP Student Life Executive Election

This election will determine who represents the voice of Bow Valley College students on the Executive Committee. On this page, you will find information about the candidates and the dates for the actual voting days of the election.

Election Dates

Tuesday, September 25, 2018
9:00 am to 11:59 pm
in Online
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
12:00 am to 11:59 pm
in Online
Thursday, September 27, 2018
12:00 am to 3:00 pm
in Online

Election Candidates

Preedhi Heer

I, Preedhi, as a Dentist by profession started my Bachelor of Dental Surgery from BFUHS, India in 2016. Throughout my dental journey I learned a lot by treating patients to relieve their pain by listening and understanding their problems. It has been a wonderful experience for me. My vision of being on an authoritative position delivering services to humanity was accomplished through dentistry. I am fortunate enough to listen and skilled enough to relieve pain of my patients being dentist. In addition, I did Health Care Administration from St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario in 2018. Here, at Bow Valley College, I am studying Dental Business Assistant Program. When I came to know about student’s association I was fascinated to join it. That’s the reason I am putting forward this application to join this team. I gathered information about this association and learnt that they provide utmost services to every student enrolled in the college. I am interested to be a part of this association and help students by delivering services under the guidance of my senior staff present in the association. I would really appreciate to provide me with this opportunity. It would surely help me in fulfilling my desire to be a part of this team and work for the welfare of students here who need guidance. I would really like to know about the system and services they offer in depth and the criteria followed. If given chance I would provide my viewpoint as well as innovative methods that can be implemented to know more about students who are new here and struggling in terms of anything so that I can fairly justify my position as student association is for the students, by the students and for the students. My priority would be my fellow colleagues and students. My foremost strategy would be monthly open house meetings where students can come and meet me to address their issues. Next, would be an issue drop box if any student wants to share their issues can put their issues with names or email address given so that I can respond or even if they don’t want to disclose their identity I can share that issue with my senior associates so that we can resolve that. Furthermore, students can directly contact me through my email given at the association so that I can resolve their issues under the guidance of association. Well, time management is a key to success in any field. To be a successful student and student leader I must make sure I complete my academic projects beforehand as per schedule. Next, I must participate and put my efforts in each event running for the betterment of students. My responsibilities would be double the amount as a VP of student life which I will accomplish wholeheartedly. I have a firm faith in me that being student I can understand the bottom line of all the issues if any students are having.

Patrick Belcourt

My name is Patrick Belcourt, and I identify with being Metis, as well as two-spirited. I am also a student; not only of Bow Valley College, but also of life. I am a father of a five year old daughter; therefore, I learn to pass on my wisdom to her. I enjoy nature, particularly bird-watching and horticulture. Although my immediate family is not in touch with our culture, I’m reclaiming my heritage. I think not only of my daughter, but the generations to come as I craft my legacy to leave to them. I am grateful to Bow Valley for these opportunities to grow. From the moment I stepped into the SABVC, I knew that it was a safe place. Not just for studying, but also for gathering, relaxing and meditating. I was instantly welcomed by not only the secretaries, but even the Executive Director himself. I’m hoping to get the chance to represent SABVC, to spread the word of their resources and help that they provide. Being a student may have obstacles, but it is enlightening to know that not only SABVC, but many places on campus focus on our success today, tomorrow and in the future. As I step forward into student life, I’ve been contemplating what it means to me. I’ve found that being a student can be very exciting, but also nerve-wracking. What I desire to bring to all the students at Bow Valley College is a meaningful experience. Through my personal journey, I’ve found involvement and inclusion are keys to building relationships on campus. By utilizing these connections, I plan on teaching others that although post-secondary education may be stressful, it can also be fun! Together we can create memories at Bow Valley that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. In order to break the ice with my fellow peers, I have taken it upon myself to learn of them. The Bow Valley student body is composed of many cultures and personalities. Even as a prospective student, I walked the campus with a curious mind, learning about student life. This is a strategy that I developed at a leadership camp I went to in my teenage years. Finding common ground has been crucial in my investigations, and I constantly remind myself that we are all here to learn. I plan to spread this knowledge, and along the way I’m hoping to find more similarities between each and every student that calls Bow Valley home. As a father, time management has been a skill I’ve been developing for many years. Focusing separately on life at school and life outside of school has allowed me to divide and conquer my responsibilities and commitments. However, I do recognize that self-care is very important. As I move forward, my plan is to nurture my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I’m also hoping to model these behaviors for my fellow peers, as I practice effective communication with those who cross my path. As my basic needs are met, I find that managing my time comes natural to me.

Mohib Ul Haq

Well, my name is Muhammad Mohib Ul Haq, people call me with my middle name Mohib. I am a student of Business Administration Diploma and this is my 3rd semester in Bow Valley College doing major in General Business. I am committed to working hard at Bow Valley College and looking for opportunities to make my goals a reality. If I am elected I will try to organise those events which would be in the best of student’s interest. So, student association of Bow Valley college is that association which is run by the students of Bow Valley College for the students of Bow Valley College. SABVC helps students to be an active student while providing students with different opportunities. SABVC tries to engage different students together while creating different events. If I got a chance to be a Vice President I would like to fulfil the desires of the Bow Valley student as much as I could do. I will try if I could gather some funds for our own fitness center in college to facilitate our student with fitness center because I have stayed with students in college for so long and they all demand for the fitness center. Well, I will try to engage student by organizing those events which results in the best of their interest so that they can enjoy, I could also engage by meeting to maximum student and letting them know what actually we guys are doing and how and where we guys are using their funds. Well that’s a toughest task to manage yourself in order to be a leader at same time as student. To avoid any clash in between both the responsibilities it is my duty to finish and done my work on the same day it is due rather than pending it. Be punctual and be respectful.

Mimi Tang

Hi everyone, my name is Mimi Tang. I am in the Chui school of Business pursuing a double major in Public Relations and Digital Marketing. I am a domestic student, born and raised in Calgary. With the other three executives being international students, I feel I could help balance things out by having a local voice on council. I know a lot about SABVC, since starting BVC in 2016, I have volunteered, participated in events and ran for council numerous times. I was on student council last year. I am someone that is ambitious, and I work well with others. I believe that to be successful you must attempt or try. Talk is cheap, actions are stronger. So, I act, I jump at all opportunities to improve and enhance my educational journey. For strategies that I will implement, I know that SABVC must have at least one event per month for the students on campus. I plan on discussing with Lena (the event and engagement coordinator) about what I have already envision for the monthly events (I am aware of the student life committee having some say in how to implement the ideas). I want a monthly yoga day, and possibly a movie and popcorn event, that would be a drop by type of deal to accommodate a student’s busy schedules. I support puppy days during exam week. I have plans for a Bowness park grad party inclusive to all student/ staff and family members. I would love to do something for the regional school. Time management. I am someone that does a lot and take on a lot. I have 7 pages currently on my co curricular record. Last year, I was a member of the Dean’s business Case competition. On student council, kept up with volunteering, I am a mother with 3 kids and I excelled in classes. So, for me doing more is better than not doing anything at all. I make time for the important things in life and keep track of it all by staying organized and on top of things. I was upset by SABVC decision to get rid of agendas as their swag this year. I am someone that used every page and than some to keep track of my daily events. (I had to buy one this year)

Kendra Perley

My name is Kendra Perley. I am originally from the province of New Brunswick, Canada. I come from one of the largest First Nation Reservations in New Brunswick. I am currently in my second year of the Practical Nursing program and plan to finish by April 2019. I am very passionate about working with people, and always willing to lend a helping hand. I strive to help people see the better side of things, and I am always there to listen. The Student Association of Bow Valley College is the voice of the students here at the college. They are there to listen to ideas that can make the student life more fun, enjoyable, memorable and worth being a part of. The Student Association works to encourage and support Bow Valley College students in order to enhance the overall student experience for the entire campus community. I think it’s really important that we, as a Student Association, listen to the voices of students, and ensure that the college hears those voices when we represent them, and that is particularly important for Indigenous students, and all students attending. If elected as VP of Student Life I will be this voice for all students and represent them to my very best ability. I plan to reach out to the students and be a role model through personal and social engagement, one-on-one interactions, promoting SABVC, volunteering opportunities, brief in-class presentations (upon approval), and diversity events. With also being one of the Mental Health Ambassadors in the college, I will raise awareness and help put an end to mental health discrimination and stigmatisms. Time management is very important to not only being a student leader, but to being a full-time student as well. I will set my priorities, use planning tools such as calendars, charts, notebooks, daily reminders, and much more. I will schedule my time appropriately and be well organized, ask for help when needed, and take breaks when needed. All in all, I will do my very best to get the very best outcome and to do what is expected of myself holding this position.

Jaskaran Singh

My name is Jaskaran Singh and I am enrolled in the Business Administration diploma. This is my third semester going well so far at the Bow Valley College. The Student’s Association works as a channel between the college and students. They are providing several services to the students. They always listen to the student’s issues and try to solve them as soon as possible. First and foremost, to me the most important thing is respect. As Bow Valley College is a multicultural learning spot. I will respect all the students and their culture without any discrimination. I believe that entertainment and study are the two separate wheels of the same cart. I will help the students to organize the events that they wish to celebrate in the college campus. Politeness is a wonderful thing. I believe in “give respect and take respect”. People will listen to you only, if you are listening to them and resolving their issues. I will be loyal to everyone. I will be there anytime to help the students. Student leadership is a very responsible task. A student leader needs to manage and resolve all the issues of the students. On the other hand, study is also of great significance. I will make a proper schedule for my study and council meetings.

Gurlovepreet Singh

I’m enrolled in Hospital unit clerk program in Bow Valley College. I have chosen this program to polish my current skills and abilities and I have finished my Bachelor of Pharmacy from India. Having joined BVC in January 2018, I have attended most of the events held here and participated in cultural club activities. I am eager to contribute towards the bow valley college events with help of my past 2 semester experience here. I really enjoy the experience of being part of all the events. Student association of Bow Valley college is an organisation for the students by the students. SABVC supports and encourage the Bow Valley College students to enhance their skills, knowledge and their experience in and off-the campus. SABVC mission is to provide effective representation, a positive experience and exceptional support services for all the BVC learners. I applaud the student association for having fulfilled its duties to the best of its abilities. In my view, student expect a little more, and that is the reason I stand here before you as a nominee. I can relate to the problem that we as a student face. I stand here because I believe I can make amendments. As we all know the student life is busy and they have lots of stress, so I would like to bring some recreations activities in the college for the enjoyment. Students here face a problem of lack of study material as we all know that books and laptops are expensive not everyone can afford it. I do have experience from back home as a president of college for 1 year. I would like to put forward new ideas and plans that I have for the betterment of our student community. I promise to incorporate fun along with the learning at the bow valley college and make it a place where we can bring out our talents on top getting a great education. I envision where we can collaborate to create a personalized new space for us all. Time management is the key to success. It will allow me to take control of my life rather than following the flow of others. For Time management I will make a proper schedule and stick to it which will lead me to have an idea about the kinds of tasks and responsibilities I must finish within 24 hours. Time management requires discipline, planning, a strong attitude, and the help of few good technology tools.