Executive Election

This election will determine who represents the voice of Bow Valley College students on the Executive Committee. On this page, you will find information about the candidates and the dates for the actual voting days of the election.

Election Dates

Thursday, April 2, 2020
12 am - 3 pm
in Online
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
9 am - 12 am
in Online
Wednesday, April 1, 2020
All Day
in Online

Election Candidates

Mlak (Angel) Abu Gosh – Director of Internal Affairs

Tell us about yourself?

I am looking forward to making a difference in society by becoming a midwife. I go by the name of Angel and I am a nursing student at Bow Valley College. I am Arab–originally from occupied Palestine—though most people know it as Israel. I moved to Calgary nine years ago. I am a people-person, I encourage multiculturism and I’m a supportive honest person. When I am not at Bow Valley College, I teach students of all ages (around 40+) how to read/write in Arabic at a community center (Bilal Islamic Center NE). In addition to volunteering, I organize many activities and games such as (Team building, jeopardy, and weekly competitions to make learning a non-exhausting, entertaining experience.


What do you know about the student association of BVC!

BVC is a program for the students by the students. Such an initiative provides a voice for students who need to be heard when facing concerns and troubles throughout the learning process at Bow Valley College. Moreover, the Student’s Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC) provides students with busy schedules–which results in the student feeling overwhelmed with stress– a safe environment that helps students become successful in their chosen academic discipline. The SABVC is an organization that identifies the problems of a student and helps provides solutions for them. This support varies immensely—for example, support for stress management and social and mental health– and benefits domestic and international students.


In your opinion, what issues are currently impacting BVC students?

As part of the college’s efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), it is best to continue the semester online, which means this impacts the delivery method of the material to students. Currently, online learning can be challenging for BVC students due to the lack of transformational power, meaning, the learner becomes more effective as an individual, moving to their next level of performance-, self-discipline, and face-to-face interaction. The sudden change in digital learning creates an overwhelming challenge for students. There are many disadvantages of E-learning, such as limited feedback, self-isolation, and a decline in communication skills, which could hinder international students. Therefore, BVC students require strong self-motivation in addition to time management skills.


Can you describe some key issues facing post-secondary students in AB right now?

Students are confronted with distinct challenges each step of their academic career. The problem is upon graduation, where prospective employers’ outcome may not match the skills a student learned at school. In other words, qualifications for employment after graduating should implement consensus around skills and competencies as the key elements for enhancing students’ school-to-work transition. Albertan students also have issues with transfer programs from college to universities, funding, and affordability–which has restricted who can enroll and graduate. For instance, many well-qualified students have been rejected because they could not find a space. Additionally, time management, a common problem for all students, makes it nearly impossible to flourish and learn the subject material.


What is your platform? (A platform is a declared policy of a candidate as to why people should vote for them)?

My platform is that I am a woman with a voice that will represent, guide, and help every student achieve their success. My experience of being in the health care system– as a nursing assistant before getting into nursing school– has taught me that it is crucial for nurses to develop an effective leadership role to deliver high-quality care. Therefore, I strongly believe that helping others is a great aspect of developing an understanding of the great diversity BVC has on campus, to inspire others by spreading positivity, support multiculturalism, provide an opportunity to participate in various sponsored events and programs that supports the student’s social, emotional and mental health.

Sumaiya Saleem – Director of Internal Affairs

1. Tell us about yourself.

I am Sumaiya Saleem and I have come to Calgary from India to study in Bow Valley College for the program of Legal Assistant Diploma. India is a place of tremendous cultural diversity which has made me adept at navigating in different sorts of situations which is exemplified in my experience as the Media Cell Head of my University which was also my brainchild, followed by my carer as an Associate Lawyer. These helped me to learn how to interact with and be a bridge between different stakeholders. I like a vibrant, diverse and fast paced environment to work in.

2. What do you know about the Student Association of Bow Valley College?

SABVC is an organisation that represents the students of Bow Valley College and voices their concerns to the college and government agencies. It ensures that students have a positive college experience by creating a safe space for them. It holds big and small events or meetups for students, which nurtures interaction and helps develop friendships and lasting connections that can help students after graduation as well.  One of the best focuses of SABVC is its attention to mental health awareness, since college can be a trying time for many individuals. SABVC also helps International Students navigate effectively in their new environment.

3. In your opinion, what issues are currently impacting Bow Valley College students?

1.            Lack of subsidy of Public Transit.

2.            No gym in college or no subsidised gym memberships.

3.            Lack of awareness of the existing facilities.

4.            A sense of inhibition towards participating in the events organised by SABVC.

5.            Lack of seeing any real value or purpose in co-curricular engagement.

6.            Students struggle with basic communication skills like writing e-mails or booking appointments which hinders their ability to leverage the existing facilities.

7.            Almost all Fresher’s Party attendees were Indians which shows the intensity of inter-cultural divide.

8.            No fun clubs like dancing/acting/singing.

9.            Students are facing a hard time finding part-time jobs.

4. SABVC needs to represent all students. If elected, how would you increase the diversity of students engaging with SABVC?

1.            Start clubs for hobbies that are found in people of all cultures like a dancing, singing, arts, reading, dramatics, photography etc.

2.            Hold workshop which help people communicate better rand aim at basic skills like writing e-mails, making appointments and taking orders.

3.            Create a multi-lingual help team which can be reached out in any language and will be received by group of students proficient in those languages.

4.            Create a Media Cell to cover every event on campus which will comprise of a team of editors, reporters and photographers.

5.            Hold contests which incentivise people to group in a multi-cultural fashion which will promote diversity.

5. What is your platform?

People should vote for me because I am here to hear! I aim to create an environment where no question is a stupid question. This means no judgement and lots of encouragement and constructive criticism. I believe that individual success of each student results in our collective success as a college. Therefore, if there is even one student who is not able to draft an email to send to their advisor, it matters to me. If there is even one student who is unable to book a medical appointment, it matters to me. I am my brother’s keeper. I am my sister’s keeper.

Ajayvir Singh – Director of Internal Affairs

1) Tell us about yourself

Ajayvir Singh, an executive with Calgary’s largest youth spiritual organization (Calgary Sikhs), has organized and lead several initiatives geared towards youth empowerment and community resiliency. This includes, camps, seminars, and classes. As an active member various volunteer organization, part-time security guard, and a dedicated Administrative Professional Certificate student, he is empathetic towards students who work hard to succeed in life. After immigrating to Canada in 2017, Ajayvir promises to be an ally for students and pledges his support to improve success at Bow Valley College. He is no stranger to managing large student bodies and has been an advocate for healthy living, sports, and the arts, currently as the founder of Sikh Students Affiliation.


2) What do you know about the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College?

Students’ Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC) is a non-profit distinct organization from Bow Valley College which was established in 1994 and its directive is to represent the rights and interests of the Bow Valley College student body. One of the Major roles of SABVC is to Advocate for students internally, provincially and federally. SABVC focuses on mental health and other major needs of students by organizing different events like: Free Yoga and Sexual Health Fairs. SABVC also provides services like: Open Cupboards Emergency Food Hamper Program, Social Space, Faxing and Scanning and Free Feminine Hygiene Products to College Students. There are 9 clubs running under SABVC which focuses on helping the student body.


3) In your opinion, what issues are currently impacting Bow Valley College students?

•            Lack of food options available on campus; vegan, halal, vegetarian and meat

•            Little accessibility for lunch-time microwave with respect to long wait times

•            Students struggle to gain meaningful access to laptops and Books from the library (current loan periods and availability are too short)

•            Rate my professor is underdeveloped – no robust framework exists to strategize classes with respect to choosing professors beforehand.

•            Disconnect between majority of student location and location of SABVC events (North vs South Campus)


4) SABVC needs to represent all students. If elected, how would you increase the diversity of students engaging with SABVC?

•            Diversify SABVC events to ALL Campuses and locations to include more students

•            Diversify SABVC activities to include culturally relevant content (for diverse ethnic communities on campus) to help engage more students – this will include event outreach in different languages

•            Increase accessibility to information/event/activity

o            We will kickstart a “SABVC Newspaper” to increase the awareness about student resources, helplines, and events among the students.

o            Here, students and instructors can publish their articles, leave helpful tips and communicate with their peers about necessary information regarding deadlines, facts and content that inculcates a sense of campus pride

o            We will effectively use bulletins and screens throughout Bow Valley to achieve this as well.


5) What is your platform?

1. ENGAGEMENT: increasing awareness

  • Kickstart student newspaper, utilize bulletins/screens
  • Hold events in accessible places
  • More/frequent student surveys
  • Enhance student experience beyond classroom

2. INCLUSIVITY: decrease culture gap

  • Welcome new students from different nationalities
  • More cultural events
  • Enhance orientation
  • Increase and categorize food options for vegan, vegetarian, halal and meal

3. SUCCESS: increase access

  • Make laptops/books available for longer
  • More resources for students: important contacts, deadlines, resources
  • Create system for rate my prof, course selection, and viewing potential professors for future courses for student strategy
  • Spearhead drug awareness, de-addiction, food-insecurity resources
  • Female hygiene products more accessible, in more locations, more advertisement


Gloria Agada – Director of Finance

Tell us about yourself

I am a highly organized dedicated, self motivated, creative, adaptable, having an eye for details and diplomatic account and administrative officer who has a proven ability to improve working environments and commitment to employee welfare. Extensive experience monitoring accounts payable spreadsheets, following up on missed payments, and managing all aspects of the payroll. She is prepared to utilize 9-year career working in payroll management and financial accounting in accounts officer position. Excellent mathematics & accounting knowledge, communication skills, both written and oral, for interacting with supervisors, employees, and customers alike. Intimately familiar with daily corporate environment operations and equipped to facilitate the process and effectively and efficiently improve it.


What do you know about the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College?


Students’ Association of Bow Valley College is a non- governmental organisation of student government, been in existence for 25 years who has an autonomous organisation dedicated to representing students with the diverse Bow Valley College community, transparency in finances and safety of students on campus. She runs an election to elect the leaders who will represent the student body, she also has staff members that are not student that over see the daily affairs of SABVC. SABVC has accomplishment in areas of volunteer reward program, created student councillor email domain, increase enrollment of student in health and dental plan, provided scholarships and bursaries for students etc.

In your opinion, what issues are currently impacting Bow Valley College students?

Students are getting worried about the increment of the fees some raise issue of low bus pass but was able to give them some information I have about not been able to access that for now but may be in the future Bow Valley student may be able. Some student does not know how to go about tax return, there should be more awareness of activities on campus, some student especially international student said they are not aware of programs and events at the department. Some student does not know the composition of south and north campus as they are confirmed to their campuses. 


The director of Finance must provide students council and SABVC membership pdates on SABVC spending. How would you ensure members are getting this information?

As director of finance, I will ensure that all financial report is updated weekly or monthly on SABVC web site as required by the organisation in agreement with the executive to the student in a clear manner along side the budget approval for each line item. Answer client inquiries and dispense advanced information about financing options accurately and quickly. Regular checking of my mails for any issue arising.

What is your platform?

Representing the financial interests of students is at the heart of all students’ unions. For accountability, effective and accurate record keeping


Parpreet Singh – Director of Internal Affairs

Q.1 Tell us about yourself.

Hello, my name is Parpreet Singh and I am originally from India. Currently I am enrolled in Business Administration Diploma. I am passionate about learning new things and sharing it with everyone. I was head boy of my higher secondary school in back home, I want to use my successful experience & knowledge to enhance the status of our college to next level and being the voice of our fellow students. I am responsible and disciplined person, as I scored 3.5 GPA in previous semester and looking forward to performing even better in coming terms. By performing well, I want to encourage other students too, to be champion in every field.


Q.2 What do you know about the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College?

SABVC is the Bow Valley College student’s representative organization. Which motivates & assist entire campus student community, to improve their overall student experience. The main task of the SABVC is to provide proper guidance, positive & supportive work culture, providing safe & healthy environment in BVC campus, to engage & consult students in events, embracing diversity and equality in the campus. It enhances student’s skill and knowledge by providing them volunteering task in events, club activities and involving them in the SABVC to represent oneself as the student’s representative.


Q.3 In your opinion, what issues are currently impacting Bow Valley College students?

Currently the main issue that BVC & whole world is facing is coronavirus. Due to which the classes had been disturbed, but thanks to digital technology, it is expected that studies will be back on track soon. Some of the student don’t attend the lectures regularly, rather than ignoring this fact, we need research on why is this happening? What is reason behind this? I believe by mutually brainstorming and creating alternative solution for this, we can overcome this issue.


Q.4 SABVC needs to represent all students. If elected, how would you increase the diversity of students engaging with SABVC?

I will organize the cultural events in the campus, so that the representing students will feel proud of their culture and audience student will get a chance to learn about the different cultures. Moreover, I will keen forward to look into the issues faced by students in regular meetings, providing them with suitable solution and encouraging them to be the part of SABVC. I will organize educational events and competition, so that student learn new thing and know more about each other. I will encourage them to come to SABVC with any questions of concern and we will work as team to promote diversity.


Q.5 What is your platform?

Students should vote me for friendly & supportive environment in Campus, I will share my moto with every fellow student that “Sharing is Caring” and helping each other. I believe that SABVC is, of the students, for the students, and by the students. I will ask student what they want and will make it happen by working with everyone as team.  I will not only help student in campus studies but also in their personality growth. Student should vote me because I will not only a leader but a friend. If I am elected, their voice will be heard and not overlooked.


Yashpreet Badwal – Director of Internal Affairs

1). Being one of the fortunate students to study here in Bow Valley college I would like to introduce myself as Yashpreet Badwal. I started my study in Bow Valley College in January 2020 in pursuit of international exposure and was startled by the way students were playing a vital role in running the various college activities and due to my interest in social work I also decided to run for the Post of Director of Internal Affairs. I have my completed Bachelor of Commerce back in India and now I am currently enrolled in Human Resource certificate. My hobbies includes listening to old music and traveling. I am an extrovert and love making new friends. I have a huge interest in politics as my family has a reputed political background back in India. I have really good interpersonal skills and decision making power that can help me in helping the students from different background in our college. If elected I would try my best to work for the empowerment of students.


2). Sabvc is an important part of student body of Bow Valley College Sabvc do all sort of stuff like advocacy, governance and organize events which are the big three things in Bow Valley College . Sabvc also contribute in mental and physical health of students. SABVC hears the issues of the Bow Valley College students and try to resolve them as soon as possible. Sabvc is also providing health and dental insurance to the students of Bow Valley College. Sabvc also provides students with board games and cards to play with in students free time.


3). The issues which are impacting the Bow Valley College students are the increase in tuition fee because students varies from financial status but in search of good education they have to manage. and Assuring Student Consultation in Tuition Fee Framework in Albert is again an issue. I have volunteered in sabvc events so I know the problems faced by the students. Their is no representation of SABVC Brand which should be brought up. Fear of lessing administrative services due to budget cuts is a big issue faced by students of Bow Valley College and Inadequete Event Planning can also be an issue which was seen in last year signature event.



4). Engagement is increased through brand recognisation and I want to assure that sabvc brand is represented on the campus so students are more involved in all the events and the tasks sabvc is doing at the moment. I also liked the idea of new bylaws which assure each school representation but still we are lacking regional campus engagement in sabvc though sabvc is doing a good job at the moment for the students on campus but still in order to do engage students more we need to brainstorm how to get our voice there and represent our students association all over Alberta, calgary.


5). I’ll be the voice of the students. We will make sure everyone is engaged in the events and every student gets a healthy and safe environment in BVC. I will look after that every student feels free to come up straight to the sabvc and share their issues and problems they are facing inside or out of the campus. I will stay transparent throughout and won’t take any biased decision. I’ll also support team work inside the Sabvc office. I will cope up with the other directors too in order to do the team work and i will be the face for representation of the sabvc board.