Students Council Election

This election will determine who represents the voice of Bow Valley College students on Students Council. On this page, you will find information about the candidates and the dates for the actual voting days of the election.

Election Dates

Thursday, September 27, 2018
12:00 am to 3:00 pm
in Online
Tuesday, September 25, 2018
9:00 am to 12:00 am
in Online
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
12:00 am to 11:59 pm
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Election Candidates

Vishal Chhabra

Hello everyone, my name is Vishal Chhabra. I am a Event Management student and I will be graduating in June 2019. I am from a small town Moga in Punjab (INDIA). I am running for the student council position because I want to act as a advocate for students and increase the compatibility between the college and student population. I am passionate about helping others and finding solutions to help resolve their problems. I want to increase awareness about the various student services available to students. The purpose of Student Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC) is to support students and make everyone feel comfortable and involved on Campus. The group organizes an abundance of different events throughout the year of various cultural backgrounds to encompass the diversity of the campus. For example there was a Punjabi party held outside of campus organized by SABVC and a talent show on campus. They try to enhance students college experience by providing information to services that may be beneficial to students. Examples include; scholarships, information about student loans, volunteering opportunities, and information about upcoming SABVC events. If I get elected, I am going to share student’s ideas, interests, and concerns with the association at their meetings, and try to formulate possible solutions. I would oversee how we can accommodate to solve student concerns and help bring these changes to campus.. I will obtain these ideas by talking to all students on campus, by being accessible in north campus to talk with SABVC members, Mondays thru Wednesdays. As mentioned in the statement above, I plan to be available on North Campus on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to communicate with students one on one. I believe discussing these concerns is more effective in person as opposed to via email or online. Thus my availability permits me to engage with students one on one. Additionally I have joined the IC crew as a volunteer which will help me to engage with more students and gain more knowledge about other groups within the college. I think the biggest challenge for students today is time management; this is a challenge for most students because of very time constricted schedules. I learnt how to overcome this problem from school workshops and hearing tips from other students. Most students initially struggle with time management, completing work before due dates and balancing a work schedule. As difficult as it may seem, this balanced schedule can be achieved with the right tools and support system. At BVC we have amazing staff who are willing to help and groups like SABVC to help students prosper and become involved on campus.

Tyleshia Kindt

I am a practical nurse student. This is my fourth semester at Bow Valley College and only my second semester in the Practical Nurse Program. I am a single mother of an eight-year-old boy. I am resilient and kind. I am the great grand daughter of Thelma Chalifoux who was the first Metis senator. She was always a strong advocate for people who couldn’t find the strength to speak for themselves and I know I possess this gift as well. I would never like to see any one else cold or hungry or hurting and I wish to do the best I can to help everyone. The knowledge I have about the Students’ Association of bow valley college is that it is a group of individuals who come together as a group to advocate for their own opinions which have been molded by the voices of their fellow peers. I have an understanding that the students involved with the council will have to perform to the best of their abilities in everyway. It requires strength and courage to be a leader and speak about issues students face. It can become a support system for all students if we allow the right people to advocate for us. If I am elected I believe I will bring a perspective to the council that will allow for real changes to be made according to the requests made by my fellow students. First issue I believe needs to be addressed is the U-pass, then a fitness facility is required for students to maintain a healthy lifestyle while learning. Everyone deserves the chance to save time and money while going to school. I believe I could bring a new sense of togetherness as a fellow student who has faced hardships I have been welcomed by warm hearts everywhere and this allows me to have the best outlook for strategies to improve our programs. Strategies I plan to use to help become more involved with my fellow students is to be friendlier and just smile more. I believe everyone of my peers has a beautiful soul which has lead you to share your inner beauty with everyone at bow valley. The opportunities presented with this position will become motivation to be a better person and try my best to make sure everyone is being heard. How I can become better at communicating our needs as students is by simply interacting with more students. The biggest challenge students face today is feeling constantly fatigued. Personally, I know that fatigue can be a result of not eating correctly and not enough exercise.

Reggie Rabbit

My name is Reggie Rabbit and I am a second year Justice Studies’ student at Bow Valley College. I come from the Treaty 6 region and have lived in Treaty 7, Calgary, for seven years now. I have an impressive Security/Police background as I have already taken an Indigenous Police program from Grant Mac Ewan College Edmonton, AB. I was in a Jazz choir in High School and have performed at Carnegie Hall, NY, NY also performing at Westminster Abbey, London, England. I have travelled the world and have volunteered at various functions throughout my life. I love Bow Valley College. The Students’ Association of Bow Valley College is a reputable one! It is an incorporated non-profit organization legislated through the Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta and is the official conduit of communication between the College and the student body. This association is responsible for providing great services, amazing events, and effectively representing the students to the College and municipal and provincial governments. From my understanding, SABVC prides itself in delivering effective student mediation and services through club events, council meetings and inclusiveness with diverse students within Bow Valley College. SABVC has an Executive Director, Executive Assistant and Chief Returning Officer. If elected, my goal is to bring appropriate and effective reconciliation to the students of Bow Valley College. This will be BY an Indigenous learner within this campus to those learners who are not familiar with Indigenous culture. As an elected candidate, it will be my pleasure to meet with students from all walks of life, learning from them just as much they can learn from me. Serving as a mediator for Indigenous students and other Canadian students will allow for reconciliation on all parties involved. The ability to work alongside Bow Valley College staff to create this authentic reconciliation cannot be understated. I offer exemplary service and leadership skills! With the participation of Iniikokaan, the Intercultural Center, and other various clubs available, I will make it my priority to promote inclusion. I will navigate myself through the various cultures and sub groups within Bow Valley College to see that education, questions/answers are in place. By being inclusive to everyone and making myself available to listen, it is my hope that dialogues may prove effective. I will participate in as many workshops as I can to reach all students of Bow valley College. I can use social media to my advantage and the many clubs and centers as well. I feel that students are struggling as it is already. In regards to starting or having a club, how can students afford to use what little or no money they may or may not have to finance their club activities. How can we do more to support those who struggle with maintaining a club on top of committing to studies?

Nicole O’Connor

My name is Nicole O’Connor, I am a second year Business Administration Diploma student majoring in General Business, however, my background was in healthcare as a registered nurse. One may ask why I chose to pursue an entirely different path from healthcare? Well, I have always believed in expanding upon my present skills and exploring new avenues; while making the transition from healthcare to business have proved challenging in the beginning, it has exposed me to new set of skills and knowledge, as well as developed attributes that were otherwise dormant or unexplored. For the past twenty years, the Student’s Association of Bow Valley College, has been the ‘Voice’ of the Student Body, by representing the daily concerns and interests of students, through its elected representatives and officials, the Student Council and the Executive Committee; acting as liaisons between the Student Body and the College. The advantages of having a healthcare background combined with the business skills that I have learned so far, is the ability to listen and pinpoint the main issues and concerns, thus able to effectively address these and find the best solutions possible. Social media is the chief medium to communicate with all students due to the interconnective nature of technology and is equally the best medium to reach a large population at once. Secondly it takes seconds for important information to be disseminated. However, face to face communication is equally effective, largely because it provides a more personalized form of communication, especially on a one and one basis, where it allows individuals to get to know each other better. The biggest challenge facing many students today, are finances, especially where tuition and other fees are concerned. For international students, this even a greater challenge for them as their tuition rate far exceeds that of domestic students and is a source of great concern.

Navjot Singh

I am Navjot Singh pursuing bachelors of business administration from Bow Valley College,Calgary. I am running forth Councillor of SABVC. I’m an international student and belong to the country known by the name of “golden bird” that is India. It’s been only 9 months since I shifted to Canada. I’m always keen to participate in all the activities going on in the campus and I experience immense satisfaction when I perform different things boosting up my morale to participate more. Whatever responsibility I take, my all efforts and energies are channelized to fulfill them beyond expectations of my leaders and with proper discipline. I think i will fit best in role of a councilor. SABVC is an organization that is working for the students of BVC for around 20 years with various names. It consists of 4 executives and 12 members of student council. It provides number of free of cost services to BVC students. It aims to provide a meaningful experience at campus. If I get elected, I can help students solving their issues regarding their course or programme by bringing the matter under the attention of SABVC. I will hold a frank behavior towards students so that they never feel hesitated in sharing anything with me and can share all their personal and course related problems which will build the confidence of students in me and will give ready acceptance to all the decisions, rules and disciplines. I will discuss all the problems with my team as every person has his own point of view and each opinion matters. I will act as intermediary incase of any conflicts between students to harmonize the situation. I will use various modes for communicating with students like social media. Social media is the best platform to have a good communication with students as they feel more close and friendly with their leaders while interacting through social media and will be able to express thoughts which they cannot express in one on one communication. But simultaneously one on one communications are equally valuable as serious topics can be discussed more effectively in such manner and builds a confidence amongst students for their leaders. Emails can be used to communicate important informations. There are numerous challenges faced by students today like pressure of studies , cut offs, admissions and expectations of society. People don’t understand that not all the students are same and learning ability of each student is different . Each student has different talent but all are judged using a single parameter i.e academics. Another challenge is the relationship they share with their teachers , leaders and principals as they are under pressure to maintain a good image in front of all. And the most important of all is peer pressure which they face both in school/college and their localities.

Maria Granja

As an avid traveller, I recently relocated in Calgary from Ecuador. My passion to discover the world led me to reside in the United States and to prepare academically in France. My commitment to explore the world and my aim to continue learning guided me to Canada. Now, I am pursuing a Business Administration Diploma, majoring in Insurance and Risk Management. In my leisure hours, I volunteer as a peer tutor and actively engage in student-related activities and networking events. Optimistic for a future of infinite possibilities, I look forward to helping other students achieve their potential. The Students’ Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC) is an organization which ultimate goal is to enhance the student experience. SABVC was established in 1994. Since then, SABVC represents each and every student of Bow Valley College and works towards achieving an effective environment at a college level. They also provide learners with information, alternative textbooks and housing and affordable health and dental insurance. SABVC relies on a team of students who are driven by the same goals; the campus community elects four executives and twelve student councilors each year. The elected team advocates for the student body. Bow Valley College represents a diverse student body. As an international student who widely embraces diversity, I bring a fresh perspective of multiculturalism. I want the opportunity to be a student ambassador who promotes a welcoming environment for all learners. I believe in equality, despite our nationality we can all be part of one big family: The Students’ Association of Bow Valley College. Our family works together to enhance the campus experience of every student while promoting authenticity and inclusion. My ultimate goal is to support every learner to succeed in their college endeavors. The most convenient strategy is to be friendly and approach others. I believe in going back to basics: human interaction. Communicating face-to-face will enhance my relationship with all students at Bow Valley College. Technology and social media are also a key to convey messages to the student body. As a student councilor, I will take advantage of the impact of technology and combine it with one-to-one communication to reach every learner. This approach will maximize the communication efforts and put a face to the name. My strategy will help learners feel comfortable to share their ideas and to embrace proposals. We live in a fast-paced world where everyone is busy, and time is never enough to keep up to changes. This rapid movement leaves behind the average ones and continues with the best and brightest. As students, our biggest challenge is to keep pace and honestly, keeping up tends to be overwhelming. As learners, we embrace changes and, as a result we evolve. Evolving and adapting have proven to be crucial in a globalized world. As a student councilor, I will represent all of us who struggle but still manage to adapt and successfully thrive at the end of the day.

Manpreet Singh Brar

I’m Manpreet Singh Brar from India. I had completed Dental Business assistant and I Now I’m enrolled in Disability Studies. My Hobbies are to help the people. I love to interact with everyone. My nature is very friendly. I love to explore new things and accept challenges because it prepares me and take best out of me. The Student’s Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC) is an organization that is dedicated to the effective representation of Bow Valley College students. If I get chance, I’ll make every possible effort to ensure students are happy and satisfy with everything. I’ll keep them updated with the events and news. I’ll listen what they are asking for and if they have any kind of problem, I’ll find a flawless solution to their problems. Students come to see only of their interests. So, I can engage them with the activities and will listen to their voice, doesn’t matter if you are from another community or religion we are the same. According to me, Involvement is the biggest challenge for them. Some of the students are not getting involved in the study as they want to because they think it’s boring, but sometimes it’s just a laziness but at the same time it’s true. We should make them feel like their home.

Maninderpreet Singh

My name is Maninderpreet Singh and I am an international student from north India (Punjab). Additionally, I’m studying business administration diploma and it’s my third semester. Besides that, I’m always eager to learn something new. Honestly, it is my dream as well to be a leader and help other in resolving their conflicts. In my perspective, student association is an association which help the students not only in resolving their conflicts, but also help in getting the international students to remain with their culture. As they organize different types of events in the college related to their culture, which helps in learning something new about different cultures. In other words, student association helps the students in building the strong bond between them. As I already said I’m always eager to learn something new and I guess if, I got a chance then I will help the students in making the strong bond between them which helps in vanishing the culture and language gap. Moreover, with the help of SABVC I will try to organize some events like team activities. In which all students are free to participate. Honestly, I will be polite, loyal and respectful to all students. I will also try my best in extinguishing the language barrier and make them more cooperative to each other. Besides that, we will also help new admissions in making new friends which are from different countries and help them in learning about BVC and will tell help them in managing their time. Now I want to put light on challenges that are faced by students, firstly students needs to manage all the things by their selves like college fees, rest for accommodation and all basic needs. Secondly, students must adjust in new environment like they need to know about the new culture, food, new people, new friends and dressing style and many other things where they are going to start their new life. These are the basic challenges through which a student must. go through, but once they learn to manage all these things, their lives are very good here. Lastly, I want to say that I also had experienced these situations and I am able managed all these challenges just because of SABVC which helps me in managing the time

Kiran Preeth Singh

My names is Kiran Preeth Singh, I prefer to be called as KP which are the initials of my first name. I’m currently in the 3rd term of Business Administration Diploma with Accounting major. Moreover, I like to play sports, and I like to explore new things such as different cultures, festivals and places. SABVC is the student association that is run by students to help other students, and SABVC conducts all the events and programs that take place in the college and outside of college, which engages students in different activities. After getting elected as a councillor I’ll help the students by taking their suggestions and feedbacks about the college facilities and improve them to well suit the students studying in the college. This will not only improve SABVC team’s overall performance but also increase the reputation of college. The diversity of the students in bow valley college makes Communication more challenging and difficult. But my knowledge about different languages and fluency in English will help me overcome this barrier and I would explain the students about SABVC and how we work in their better interest. In my opinion, the biggest challenge for the students is to manage their time work and studies at the same time. I have seen many international students in our college and most of them live by themselves which makes it more difficult to manage a proper life balance. As being an international student and facing these all problems myself, I have learned that a student needs a brake (such as a college trip or college event), that will refresh the minds of students and helps them to create a proper life balance.

Jashanpreet Kaur

My name is Jashanpreet Kaur. I am from India but destiny brings me here. I did my high school there and now enrolled in Business Administration Diploma. This is my third semester where I have taken general business as my major. Here, I develop my skills, confidence and thus, become more sociable person. Such a great environment at Bow Valley College just like another home. I never felt that I left my country and came here. So far, such an amazing experience. I am very extrovert person and always like to help and communicate with different people. Currently, I’m working part-time with SDI Marketing Company as a sales supervisor to gain some experience and knowledge from this. Student Association of Bow Valley College is a body that represents Bow Valley College and organizes different events that provides different opportunities for the students. For example, last year they organized some events for entertainment of the students like Halloween, Christmas party, sports, welcome parties and most important some career events which helped everyone to grow their skills and talents. Due to this association, students come to know about the Bow Valley College, rules and regulations and their code of conduct. They also listen to the problems of students and help the students how to solve it by providing them a solution to their problems. Apart from this, this association also provides Health and Dental Plan benefits to the students so that they remain physically active. If I will be elected as a councillor of Student Association of Bow Valley, I will help the students to deal with their problems and will help my executive members in their work. I will engage the students to participate in events, activities, sports and some exhibitions. I will encourage them to be a volunteer of this association. Also, I will listen to the students and their queries regarding their studies and work so that I can help them in balancing their work and studies together. In order to communicate with all students at the college, I will do campaign so that I can interact and communicate with them easily. I will be in touch with the students through social media like email, text messages etc. I will definitely go and personally talk to the students to introduce myself and tell them little bit about Student Association of the college. In my opinion, the biggest obstacle that student face is time management. Sometimes, students are not able to balance their studies with the work due to which they feel depressed during the semester so, in that case, I will help them to manage these issues. Also, they are not able to focus on other activities sometimes like sports, games, or like purse their passion. I know it’s hard for them to manage because being a full time student and part time worker, it’s difficult to adjust and involve in other curricular activities. I was also in the same situation but I believe everyone has different skills to do something different and better in life.

Holly McCullough

My name is Holly McCullough, I’m in my first year of upgrading. I am originally from outside of Edmonton and have been in Calgary for 7 years. I am a mother of 2 wonderful children, I adore animals and have 4 cats and a dog myself. So, it is quite a house full. I also enjoy reading and gaming in my spare time. The Students Association of Bow Valley is an organization that is there to help advocate and represent students of Bow Valley Collage. The Association is here for every Bow Valley student, to help them succeed as a post secondary student. A voice for every student, someone to represent every student. Not just one group/demographic or program of students. I will be there to advocate for the parents of Bow Valley, the women of Bow, and those struggling with mental or physical impairments, and everyone who needs an advocate. Everyone has the right to be heard, and I want to be there to give you that voice. I will strive to learn and grow to be the best advocate for you. Technology is a wonderful thing but so is person to person interaction. I plan on making a social media page as your council person, so students can directly contact me with questions or concerns. I will also make myself available to my fellow students during the day a few times a week by the Market to address any issues as well. I believe the biggest challenges students are facing today is rising coast for schooling, the rising cost for day care and the high deposit rates needed for securing a position in that daycare, and the disgustingly low amount student learners receive for full time studies. All these issues bring a rise to students dropping out, students struggling with mental illness and unhealthy work habits.

Harpreet Singh Brar

My name is Harpreet Singh Brar and I’m from India. I’m currently enrolled in Veterinary Office Assistant program. My nature is very polite. I love to play cricket and writing quotes and songs. When I was in India, I usually don’t speak with everyone because I had nothing to tell or ask like I was happy with my own just spending time at home but when I came here I learned many things because I’ve to do everything independently. That journey brought a lot from me. Student Association of Bow Valley College provides exceptional support service and positive experience for all the BVC learners. SABVC build a sense of community by accepting diversity and ensuring equality and acceptance. If i got a chance, i’ll try to listen to their voices. Events are the best way to keep them activated. I’ll try my new ideas which will be decided according to the situation. I’ll make sure that each and every student is getting what he/she asking for. There are so many ways that I can engage with all the students. Knowing what they are demanding without asking and providing them is kind of surprise which I think, bring their attentions towards me. It depends on the students and their situations but in my opinion, conflicting schedule of college and work is the toughest thing to manage for students. Some students give up because they are not mentally strong but others makes every possible effort to get everything done, which is good thing according to me because it makes them punctual and active.

Gurmanpreet Singh Khaira

My name is Gurmanpreet Singh Khaira and I am a third semester student, enrolled in Business Administration Diploma. My hobbies include reading books and playing sports like basketball or soccer. I have great leadership qualities in me and I am a firm believer of hard work. I am very passionate about learning new things in my life and eager to learn too. Also, I am quick decision maker and take full responsibility of my work and mistakes as well. Moreover, I believe in treating everyone with due respect and equally, without tolerating any kind of discrimination. SABVC is a student association working for the cause of helping students in every possible way. It was formed in the year 1994 and since then, it has undergone various changes. It is primarily acts as the voice of the students. SABVC organises different functions and meetings and their main mission is help the diverse number of students in the Bow Valley College. The student council provides numerous services to the students like faxing, scanning, computers and many more. SABVC believes in creating an environment in which every student is treated equally and building strong relationships between the students. I feel that it is the responsibility of every student to maintain the decorum of the campus. I will ensure that complaints of each and every student is heard and will take proper actions to solve their problems. I will provide students with various opportunities where they can freely speak and express their views. Also, I will try to organise various programs and other activities for them, so that besides studies, they can enjoy some of their time in leisure activities too. If I am selected for this post, then the first thing that I will ensure is that all students are treated equally inside the campus. I will hold different seminars or programs for the students to make them aware of their rights. Different inter-cultural programs will be organised, with the aim of making students aware of each other and further leading to building of strong relationships between them. This way it can be ensured that students have knowledge about different cultures and they respect each other among themselves. Also, this will help in maintaining peace inside the campus. According to my opinion, the biggest challenge is faced by the international students of relocating and adjusting to the environment. The international students come to the college from across the world belonging from different cultures. Therefore, there is a certain amount of risk of students getting involved in wrong doings as, there is nobody to take care of them. Also, they have for their expenses, which are not so easy to afford sometimes. All these reasons make it easy for the students to indulge in wrong activities like drugs, stealing and many more.

Gabriella Khourieh

This is my 6th semester at Bow Valley College. Before moving to Calgary in August 2016, I was French educated, and an Educational Psychology student. I speak 4 languages (English, French, Arabic and Spanish). I have volunteered around campus with Learner Success Services, Intercultural center & International Education Department. In addition to that, some strengths that I show is honesty because I speak the truth, present myself in a genuine way and take responsibility for my actions. I care about the others sometimes more than I care about myself, I feel good doing good deeds for others and cheering them up. Most importantly I strongly believe in fairness, I treat all people equally, not allowing biased decisions and feelings intervene. Since I started studying in Bow Valley College, the image of SABVC grow stronger and more professionally. They work and strive on creating an unforgettable experience for students at the college by organising trips, parties, events and by giving out items that could be useful for students. They are ready to support any ideas or thought that they believe could be beneficial for the college community. Their most outstanding offer is their encouragement and support to promote diversity by approving the creation of clubs advocating a purpose and the various events where students get to show their culture in different ways. If elected, I will advocate for students, listen to them, disperse a positive sense of diversity, support them to follow their passion, and get involved in student life. As a councillor, it is our responsibility to ensure an equal and respectful community on campuses, as well as assuring inclusion to every student. Moreover, we should raise awareness about mental health, encourage students to seek help because this is a serious matter. We all feel overwhelmed with all the tasks that we have to handle, but some of us handle it better than others. Communicating with students is key to understand how they perceive college life and how to ameliorate it. Since the world is now attached to social network, media could be source of communication as it allows us to create short surveys, to receive concerns and compliments, to encounter new ideas, and to share useful resources (counselling, financial support, events, etc…) 5. In my opinion, the biggest challenge that students face nowadays is time management leading to academic performance. Thus, because many students at Bow Valley College come from abroad, they are quite unfamiliar with the educational system here.

Kenny Ikeh

My name is Chibueze Ikeh but I prefer to go by Kenny. I believe that attributes of a true leader are abundant. However, what stood out for me are integrity and humility. By definition, integrity is all about telling the truth consistently and doing what is right, at the right time, with the right people, at the right place, at all times, particularly when no one is watching. Humility, on other hand, is the unreserved willingness to serve others and to follow simple instructions and/or policies designed to be in the best interest of majority of the people. These two values, over the years, have found their roots down deep into my subconscious mind and are main drivers of my successes in career and long-term relationships with others. I believe the student body is an organ that stands to protect the interest of all students in the College while maintaining the laws, policies and procedure in and around the community it is located. Given my wealth of experience in my previous university days as sports director and in my community as advocate against stigmatization of people with HIV/AIDS as well as Peer Tutor in Bow Valley College for more than 2 semesters, I believe there cannot be a better place to share these experiences than the Student Council if elected. The strategies I will employ to communicate to students will be through proper organization of educational fora and seminars as well as in door and out social events that will enhance inclusivity given how diverse the College and Canada is. In my opinion, the biggest challenges students in Canada and, of course, Bow Valley College are facing today are of two fold. First, the inability to choose what they want to learn and how they want to learn is very critical. Most universities and colleges in Canada still practice traditional way of learning which limits creativity. Secondly, most schools in Canada are money driven. You keep paying for everything in spite of how prosperous Canada is. It is my desire that all courses in all schools in Canada would be tuition free to reduce the pressure students go through during school and upon graduation in an attempt to pay back their debt acquired from student loan.

Bultum Mohammed

My name is Bultum Mohammed. I was born in Toronto and moved to Calgary when i was two years old. I have recently graduated from high school on May 2018. This semester i am taking one class at Bow Valley College but i will take more classes in next semester. What i can say is i am a respectful person. I like to involve in different kinds of sports such as Basketball and Soccer. I like volunteer work as well. I recently volunteered at Shoppers Drug Mart. What i know about the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College is an organization that is dedicated to effective representation for Bow Valley College students and it’s non profit organization which help students in various ways. SABVC gives a chance to volunteer inside and outside campus. It mainly focuses on students problems and gives them a chance to learn students leader skills. What will i bring is try to listen to student’s problems and suggestions and therefore, i will try my best to work on those. I love to help in various culture events and i will promote diversity. i will try my best to help any students who needs any kind of help especially to those students who are struggling with any mental problems. I will try to communicate with all students by face to face inside the campus. I will use SABVC social websites to promote myself within the students. In my opinion, i think students struggling with the academic dishonesty and not having enough knowledge about the future plans. And i will try to aware them so they can not face any problem in the future. Some students, who are new they don’t know who is the right person who can help them in different things.I think, it is also good for my to gain more skills while working for SABVC. At the end, i will say i will do my best to help students.

Anmol Sachdeva

Someone has well said that, “ Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier” which means an ever-lasting visionary with a great level of confidence can replicate one good thing into many superior items and that’s what my perception is. I am Anmol Sachdeva, a north Indian girl from Punjab. I am also an international student studying under a business administration diploma course with accounting major. I am glad to share that I am an assertive girl who love to work with different kind of people. Nonetheless coping up with my studies in high school, I have been into many curriculum activities like sports, dancing etc. Students’ Association is a great organisation that represents student at our college with a tremendous support to them in each and every way. They take care of our students by heading some events to magnify their experience in and around the campus. SABVC is regarded as a prominent helper for the all the students by providing them some basic fulfilments through their SABVC app. Each and every time this association comes up with some innovative ideas for the student’s well being. A leader is a dealer in hope, so for me if I am elected as a leader I would try to deal with their problems in a best way I can. No matter what my personal interest will be I would prefer to save collective interest rather than an individual one. As there are a lot of diversified students in our college I would try to vanish the communication gap among them by organising some group activities on different events. I will reach to them on regular basis to know more about their preferences and try to fulfil them. In order to be more interactive with them I will use the following strategies: firstly I will sit with them in cafeteria and try to grab as much information as I can to know more about their culture and interests. Secondly, if permitted I will put a box outside of our office to seek their innovative ideas through those chits which is more easily accessible to them. Moreover, to get more engagement from them I will organize small events in which they can participate and try to show their qualities among others. Well-being a student itself is a challenge for them because each and everyday gives them something new to learn. Though these days what I feel is working along with studies is a biggest challenge for them especially for international students. The stress of studies and work make their life so busy that it becomes really hard for them to manage.