Download the Volunteer Application!

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to build your existing skills and develop new ones. By putting your talents and knowledge into action, you are honing your skill-set. This looks great on a resume! Furthermore, volunteering also buffs up your resume by giving you experience.

In addition, your volunteer work can be added to your co-curricular record!

What’s your Co-Curricular Record, you ask? Think of it like an Extra-Curricular Resume.

It’s a record of your Bow Valley College activities that have enriched your experience and helped you develop important skills. You can present this to potential employers, add it to awards applications, and add it to applications for further post-secondary education. You can find out more by visiting bowvalleycollege.ca/co-curricular.

Volunteering is a way for you to connect to your campus and make an impact. So, if you want to become a SABVC volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application!