Get to Know Your Councillors: Jill

Today kicks off the start of our “Get to Know your Councillor” series, where SABVC interviews one of our amazing student leaders to learn what makes them tick, and how their role as a councillor has impacted their post-secondary experience.

This week our focus is on Jill Higgins, who is midway through her Practical Nurse program. She currently sits on council as the representative from the School of Health and Wellness.

Q: How has being a councillor enriched your post-secondary experience?

A: This experience enriched my life by being able to give back to my fellow students. Also being able to help them when they need guidance. It has been a very enriching experience, has pushed me to be a better student and given me the privilege of being able to guide and support my peers.

Q: What do you find most challenging about being a councillor? 

A: The most challenging thing for me is the disconnection of online learning, but that only presents an opportunity to be creative. Online learning is definitely a hurdle for connecting with students, although it pushes myself and council to get creative on new ways to reach out to learners.

Q: What activities have you been doing to pass the time during the pandemic? 

A: In the summer I did did a lot of cycling schooling and basically anything that will benefit me positively. I’ve been lucky to be very busy with my studies during this pandemic, I’ve also had lots of time to explore the walking paths of Calgary and zoom hangouts with friends!

Q: If you could have dinner with any person in history dead or alive, who would it be? 

A: I don’t have anyone I would want to talk to from the past. All the knowledge from history is documented. If anything I would go to my younger self and say everything will be okay.

Harry Styles, duh.