Meet Your Executive Election Candidates

Director of External Affairs Candidates


Parry Sobti

1. My name is Parry Sobti, currently pursuing Software Development Diploma from Bow Valley College. I have served as Student Counsellor for the Fall Session of 2019 and as Director of External Affairs from September 2020-March 2021. Also, back in India I was associated with an N.G.O. and helped my dad with family business which shaped me into who I am today. I am ambitious and driven. I consistently seek ways to improve myself.

2. Student Association of Bow Valley College is an integral part of the college; it is a student-centred organization that works to enhance student experience and their connection to institution. The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organising and carrying out various activities and service projects. The association is the voice of the student body that helps making each student feel at ease by assuring equality and acceptance. It also helps students to share ideas, interests and concerns with the community.

3. There are a few issues currently impacting Bow Valley College students; majorly due to the new normal the pandemic has brought. It is tiresome for students to sit in front of screens for long hours to attend classes and then again work on screens for assignments. The adverse pandemic situation and lockdown has been mentally stressing for a lot of students. Analysing the situation and the issues I’d always try to be reachable to resolve their issues and try to provide a comfortable space where they can express themselves.

4. Key issues faced by post-secondary students in Alberta are lack of campus exposure. The students aren’t getting a chance to interact or engage in campus activities. Also, the government’s decision to cut post- secondary funding would limit the access of quality education to some students. Along with this, mental health of students is major concern.

5. My commitment towards any task and an experience of already serving as a Director of External affairs makes me the appropriate candidate for the designation. Having a recent experience of serving at this post has tested my skills and helped me to understand this role very well. Moreover, I always look for opportunities to do better and abide by giving my best. I am organised and easy to communicate which makes me approachable and helps me organise the available resources in the most efficient way.

Kulwinder Datewas

Q 1. Tell us about yourself.

Please let me introduce myself. I am Kulwinder Datewas, a Justice studies student and a part-time licensed practical nurse. I was graduated in Nursing and midwifery in 1995 in India. I earned practical nurse diploma from Bow Valley college in 2016.

I also worked as a Radio broadcaster at All India Radio for 4 years. Since 2011, I am working as a Radio Host with Radio Sur-Sangam Calgary. I am volunteer with Liberal party of Canada and Centre for Newcomers. I have always brought abundant energy, creativity, dedication, experience and personal knowledge to my work.

Q 2. What you know about student’s association of Bow valley College?

Student’s association of bow valley College is devoted to successful representation of Bow valley college. Organization encourage and support BVC students to participate in various activities and leadership roles. Since 1994, SABVC is dedicated to effective representation, a positive campus experience and exceptional student services with great values of Connection, Accountability, Opportunity, Trust and Innovation.

Q 3. In your opinion, what issues are currently Impacting Bow Valley college students right now?

COVID-19 Pandemic situation impacted post-secondary student’s mental health. Increased stress, anxiety due to COVID-19 outbreaks, and social isolation. Students are at risk of

developing depressive thoughts due to multiple stressors. Disturbed in sleeping pattern related to decreased social interaction. Financial loss and less job opportunities, potential delay in completion of studies within time frame. Students express sadness as they were not able to celebrate their success and many graduation ceremonies were cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic situation. Students are missing traditional classroom studies.

Q 4. Can you explain some key issues facing post-secondary students in Alberta right now?

Post-secondary students are disappointed by budget cuts. Students impacted from increased tuition fees, huge tax and increased unemployment. Some students are at risk of not to finish their post-secondary education. Lack of adequate mental health support for post-secondary students.

Q 5. What is your platform.

My platform will be SABVC page, Microsoft teams, and Facebook.

Austin Deck

1. My name is Austin Deck, and I am a gay, cis-gendered male,2nd year nursing student, philanthropist, business owner, dancer, activist and most importantly BVC Community Member. Some of my hobbies include, yoga, travel, watching movies and comparing myself to others over social media before getting angry at myself for comparing myself to others over social media. The best words to describe me would be ‘work in progress’. I know that the people in my life may disagree, but I would say that this encompasses everything I am and want to be forever.

2. The SABVC is the association which represents the students at Bow Valley College and their interests internally when it pertains to the governance of the college and externally when it pertains to the provincial and federal jurisdictions of policy. The Students Association works for and answers to the students at Bow Valley College, regardless of the position they occupy. I am aware of the different aspects that make up the SABVC and how it operates from an operational standpoint. I am also aware of the responsibilities and privilege of being a member and having an active role in the SABVC.

3. The issues facing the students of BVC in 2021/22 will be issues that shape the way that the College moves forward for a long time. With the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, students are being forced to learn how to swim in the deep end without any life preserver. Online lab evaluations, technology fees, Provincial budget cuts are just a few of the important issues facing us now. We also are in the middle of ushering in a new way of embracing diversity and accountability while combatting oppression through ongoing BIPOC and LGBT2+movements sweeping the globe.

4. Post Secondary Students in Alberta are dealing with false advertising. What students thought they were getting involved in is not the school that we see happening today. We are being challenged with paying for something that, for some, has become more about jumping through hoops than learning the content needed to be successful. We are also dealing with a provincial government with a track record for instability in policy when it comes to post secondary students. Post secondary students in Alberta are vulnerable and are not feeling the support needed to succeed in a lot of cases.

5. My platform is fluidity. The idea of a soft flow to everything I do. When we lay concrete ideas down, it tends to harden and create a barrier for any other ideas. Flow can change direction and keep steady while showing strength. That is why I believe in having perspective behind every decision made. If given the chance to become the Director of External Affairs, I would aim to show the people of Alberta just what intelligence, passion and talent Bow Valley College possesses through engaging in new ways and being recognizable in the Alberta political scene.

Director of Internal Affairs Candidates


Armanjot Kaur

1)Tell us about yourself.

My name is Armanjot Kaur, and I am an international student in the Bow Valley from India, enrolled in the Medical office assistant course. My family is in politics and I am born and brought up in that kind of environment due to which I have a keen interest in leadership. I can confidently address myself as a good leader because I have leadership traits. I’m a great listener and good decision maker, creative, honest, dedicated, responsible, trustworthy, hardworking, a good friend and very approachable. I enjoy helping others and seeing them achieve their goals.

2)What do you know about the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College?

The Students’ Association of Bow Valley College is an association that is devoted to the effective representative of Bow Valley College students. SABVC endeavor to improve the general student experience for the whole campus. Students’ Association of Bow Valley College was established in 1994, when the name of Bow Valley College was Alberta Vocational College. Since then, its name has gone through a couple of changes. The main goal of SABVC is to give productive representation, a positive grounds insight and to support all individuals. Its vision is to be an innovator in learning experience, responsibility and creative student representative.

3)What are the biggest issues concerning Bow Valley College students?

The Bow Valley College is a great place to study in but there are some issues that need to be fixed. One issue is littering by the students or people around the college. Another issue is people being judged by their accent, culture and appearance by fellow mates. Many students are facing technology issues for example operating BVC portal, D2L and MS Teams.

4)If elected, how would you promote the importance of SABVC clubs to student at Bow Valley College?

There are many Bow Valley students who don’t have knowledge regarding SABVC. If I got elected as a Director of Internal Affairs, I will interact with Bow Valley students in person as well as on social media and provide them information about the Students’ Association club specially to the international students so that they can gain awareness. I will also create pages on social sites along with videos and posters highlighting the importance of SABVC to make students familiar with it. I will try to send emails to all the students to give them details related to the club.

5)What is your platform?

I think a leader is one who takes the initiative and puts his/her best in whatever he/she does, and I will be that leader. You should vote for me as a Director of Internal Affairs because I will serve students with transparency by bringing everyone into decision-making and tackling their issues. I will work with the council and I will be the voice of each student. Bow Valley is a great College, but we can make it a better environment by helping each individual. Remember that I will see, I will listen, and I will act.

Director of Finance Candidates


Anabela Oliva

1) Tell us about yourself

My name is Anabela Oliva. I am an international student from Argentina. I finished the Business Administration courses; I am currently taking the Supply Chain Major ones. I will be graduating in May 2021.

2) What do you know about the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College?

I got the honor of being elected Council on September 2019, when I had just arrived at Canada, and this opportunity helped me knowing the work of the Students’ Association from the inside, as well as valuing all the effort the College staff does for the students. SABVC help learners in broad aspects of students’ life, including health and safety, however, at the same time, they carry a huge liability for what happen to students.

3) If elected, how would you communicate the benefits of being a member of SABVC?

I would use the official channels that SABVC is currently using e-news, e-mails, Instagram, YouTube. I wonder if it would be possible to use LinkedIn, I am very active in this platform, I have 200 connections and we should help students to get friendly with it, since Bow Valley provide us with free courses there, and it is not exploited.

4) The Director of Finance must provide Students’ Council and SABVC membership regular updates on SABVC spending. How would you ensure members are getting this information?

I would use an Excel spreadsheet sent by email to keep everyone updated weekly. Additionally, I will attend the Council Meetings, and ask for some minutes of the Meeting Agenda to share the information, follow up with requests, and future Budget planning.

5) What is your platform?

It would be a great honor to be part of the SABVC team. I am pursuing a career in Procurement, in which the pillars are Business Law, Operations and Accounting. I can make sound difficult content into an approachable one. My professional background is regarding Customer Service in Financial Institutions and Hospitality, focusing on building trust as well as long-term relationships with clients. These jobs helped me developing proactiveness, empathy and resiliency. And I cannot think of a better place to practice all that I have learned, than the College itself. I will be giving back to my community.