Gareth Jones,

No matter your program, your institution, or your reason for attending, a post-secondary experience gives a degree of power to the student. What will you do with your time between classes? What extracurricular and volunteer opportunities are there available? Truly, you have the power to dictate your experience. And there is nary a better way to do so than to start your own club.

Through SABVC, any paying member is able to start a club. It is an opportunity to create a community around a common interest, push a cause that you are passionate about, and host events that engage the student population. Plus, holding an executive position in a club is a fantastic resume item.

A minimum of eight students are required, with at least three different executive positions being filled, such as President, Secretary, or Treasurer. Everything you need to get going is available online at SABVC will help every step of the way, from officially ratifying your club to helping with event planning, ensuring that your club will function smoothly.

Did you know? Just for ratifying your club, you will be eligible for up to $200. This can go towards anything, but SABVC recommends putting it towards promotional materials, such as club t-shirts, an event or fundraiser.

Currently, there are eight clubs on campus. Examples include SABVC Pride, which aims to create a safer space on-campus in order to support LGBTQ2S+ students, and Recovery from Addictions Club, which aims to create a safe space for students recovering from all sorts of addictions, as well as raise awareness and create a supportive community for others in recovery.

There will always be room for more clubs on campus. If you have a like-minded group of peers and you’re looking to promote a cause, add to your credentials, or contribute meaningfully to the college community, starting a club is a great way to do it.