The SABVC Executive Election will proceed as planned with some minor changes:

  • Nominations must be submitted electronically to:
  • The All Candidates Meeting will be replaced by sending the Elections Policy and Procedure to all nominees. Nominees will have until Monday at 10 am to return a form confirming they have read the policy and procedures
  • Candidates will have to send in their own photo. Electronic posters, along with their essay will be created
  • The All Candidates Forum will be replaced by five additional questions that will be sent to each candidate. Candidates will have a certain amount of time to respond. Their responses will be published
  • Candidates are encouraged to campaign electronically using social media and videos
  • The 15 required signatures will be waived
  • The Executive Director will still confirm the candidates GPA and Code of Conduct requirements
  • Voting will commence online
  • Results will be posted online
  • Any questions can be directed to Kim Cox at or Jay Decore at