SABVC gearing up for AMICCUS-C national conference in Calgary

Gareth Jones,

In 1977, the first meeting of the organization that would come to be known as the Association of Managers in Canadian College University and Student Centres (AMICCUS-C) was held. Hosted by the McGill Student’s Society, it was a loose network of managers and student leaders from across Canada. Yearly, they met to share ideas and to network, entirely on behalf of Student’s Associations.

For 12 years, AMICCUS-C meetings were held annually, informally, and with a different host across the county. In 1989, during the meeting hosted by the University of Saskatchewan that a constitution and bylaws were established.

AMICCUS-C meetings, which now span several days, are attended by both industry leaders and Student’s Association employees. Since inception, these meetings have offered attendees opportunities for learning and leadership development. Round-table discussions are held, deliberating best practice for accounting and human resources. Workshops are held on how to engage more professionally with the media, both on and off campus.

There are a relatively low number of professional associations that exist entirely for the benefit of Student’s Associations, and that’s precisely why the work that AMICCUS-C does is so important. Some students may not recognize the services that a Student’s Association provides, or how deeply entrenched in the institution’s culture that the Association’s staff are. Having an organization that focuses on professional development for Student’s Associations has proven to be highly beneficial in furthering their prospects.

This year, the conference will be held in Calgary from May 27-29, hosted by Mount Royal University. It was hosted by Mount Royal in 2009, and the University of Calgary in 2015.

Panels and workshops for this year’s conference include ‘effective student engagement,’ ‘strategic risk management,’ ‘managing stress,’ as well as ‘creating a culture of consent on campus.’

SABVC is one of 69 post-secondary institutions across Canada to claim membership status. Each year, two or three staff members are sent to an AMICUS-C conference in order to network and bring back new information and strategies. These conferences fill a unique niche for Student’s Associations, and attending allows SABVC to better serve Bow Valley’s student population.