SABVC Policies

Well-established policies give SABVC a framework to follow every day. Making these policies public allows SABVC to remain accountable for following them.

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View AD 01 Policies and Procedures Manual Review

View AD 02 Records Retention Policy

View AD 03 Communication Policy

View AD 04 Computers and Networks Policy

View AD 05 Social Media Policy

View AD_06_Events Policy MARCH 2020

View AD 07 Clubs Policy

View GV 01 Students Council Policy

View GV 02 Role of Executive Committee January 2020

View GV 03 Role of Chair January 2020

View GV 04 Role of Board of Governors Representatives January 2020

View GV 05 Role of Executive Director January 2020

View  EL_01_Electoral, Appointment and Referendum Policy FEBRUARY 2020

View  06_EL_01_A Election Campaign Procedures FEBRUARY 2020 06_