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CALGARY – Bow Valley College revealed its decision regarding tuition Thursday, announcing an increase of seven per cent beginning in the fall semester of 2020.

The Students’ Association of Bow Valley College [SABVC] is aware of the increase and will continue to advocate for affordable education.

“SABVC wants affordable education for all learners,” said SABVC Vice President of External Communications, Sahil Gumber. “We hope that Bow Valley College and the provincial government can work together to achieve that for students across Alberta.”

SABVC will advocate for funds to be used in ways which increase the quality of student life and education for Bow Valley College learners.

“We expect to see increased scholarship and bursary opportunities offered to students to offset the impact the tuition increase will have on students,” said Gumber. “As we continue to do everything we can to assist our students, we encourage learners facing financial hardship to utilize SABVC’s student support programs.”

In September 2019, SABVC launched the Open Cupboards emergency food hamper program, a donation-based initiative offering non-perishable grocery items to students. Free hygiene products are also available out of the Association’s office located on the 2nd floor of Bow Valley College’s south campus.

SABVC commits $65,000 per year to Bow Valley College scholarship and bursary opportunities.


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