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CAC (Client Advisory Council)

This conference was hosted by Gallivan & Associates in Orillia, Ontario. Attending this conference allowed us to meet your health and dental coverage provider. In addition, we networked with other student organizations who use Gallivan as their insurance provider.

In order to provide better services for you, we had an individual client meeting with Gallivan.

Leaders Hall

This conference gave us the tools to help effectively advocate on your behalf. Through instructional sessions and networking, we improved our ability to represent your interests.

The sessions taught us how to work effectively as a team, get results as leaders, and operate a successful organization. Furthermore, networking with student leaders from similar colleges gave us insight on common issues (food service, transportation, student space, and more).

Wellness Summit

This summit focused on the problems that arise from alcohol and drug use on campuses and how a social habit can transition into addiction. Furthermore, we explored solutions to these issues.

In addition, there was a presentation on some general Mental Health statistics. This improved our knowledge around counselling, identifying an issue, and what can be done to help students.

Student Leaders’ Orientation to Government

We were invited to this conference by the Minister of Advanced Education. This orientation gave us the chance to meet with the Alberta Government and introduce ourselves to the office of Advanced Education. We were able to talk about our campus and the issues that matter to you. Furthermore, we spoke directly to the Minister of Advanced Education about student issues.

We began the conference by learning about the interaction and roles of the Government and Student Organizations. In addition, we compared our provincial tuition to those in other provinces and explored the Government’s mission regarding student funding. We also looked at issues around International Education.