Thinking about volunteering with SABVC?

Gareth Jones,

When searching for a job, a strong resume will help to differentiate one applicant from the competition. Potential employers look not only at previous job experience, but at other credentials, such as first aid training and volunteer work as well. Fortunately, students of Bow Valley College have the opportunity to volunteer through SABVC.

Arshit Dhingra coordinates all of SABVC’s volunteer efforts, and explains that there is a wealth of incentives for students willing to volunteer their time.

“Most importantly, volunteering will go towards your co-curricular record, and once you graduate, it will help you find a job afterwards. Secondly, we have a rewards program. Every 10 hours committed within a semester here will earn you a 10-dollar gift card,” he explains.

For the most part, student volunteers will be assisting with events, such as new student orientation, in which approximately 10 volunteers assist with food and maintaining orderly lines. Others are tasked with informing the new student population about SABVC, an overview of the services provided and where it is located.

There exist, however, off-campus volunteer opportunities that aspirational students can apply for. Last year, SABVC and the Intercultural Centre partnered with Habitat for Humanity.

“Myself and a team ventured off campus, to what was basically a construction site, and we helped to build a house,” Dhingra says. In past years, off-campus excursions have led volunteers to assist with the Calgary Stampede and GlobalFest as well.

This year, he explains that the plan is to partner again with Habitat for Humanity. Volunteers, he says, are being sought consistently.

“Child daycares often come to Bow Valley looking for part-time volunteers, and occasionally practicum students as well.”

Since assuming the role of the volunteer coordinator, Dhingra says, the number of students looking to volunteer with SABVC has increased dramatically.

“When I started, we had an old list of volunteers. Most of them had already graduated, and there wasn’t much promotion going towards volunteering. While I would initially struggle to meet the quota for events, these days I have a list of nearly 300. The situation has changed a lot in a year.”

If one is interested in volunteering, a volunteer application can be downloaded from This form can be delivered to room S2034 or emailed to Volunteer positions are first come first serve, so in the event of a compelling opportunity, one should apply quickly.