Year in review: Lovepreet Singh, President

For the past year, Lovepreet Singh has served as the President of SABVC, a position that he was originally inspired to run for in order to better represent the voice of his fellow students. Now, with his term coming to a close, he reflects on his time as President.

Being President, he says, has been a role more formal than he was used to, having previously found work as security, or a bouncer. But he is coming out of it with many new skills.

“I have learned how to work through difficult circumstances, how to work with people with different cultures and be more broad-minded, but most importantly, I have learned how to be a leader.”

“This college is home to many communities. When you are expected to be the loudest voice for students, you must treat everyone as an equal.”

Being the President carries a lot of expectations and responsibilities, and he explains that he struggled some to adapt.

“Going to my first board meeting, I didn’t know what to expect. You associate with people who are in big positions, and you have to know when to speak up.”

“When I had doubts, or a question, I would speak up. I learned that some people don’t like to be questioned. I learned, also, the importance of timeliness.”

His biggest success, he says, was his team.

“We always worked as one. Any disagreements were solved easily, and we were able to move forward, always on the same page. I feel that we were able to make a positive impact on student life.”

Singh has learned many lessons on the job, and hopes that his successor will learn the same.

“I have learned to speak politely, how to gain the respect and trust of people. I am a better diplomatic speaker.”

“Anyone looking to take on this role should understand its importance, be willing to learn, and really focus on learning the responsibilities and expectations. Until they have a good understanding of what is expected, it won’t be an easy job.”

Currently, Singh is working to finish his Hospital Unit Clerk certificate at Bow Valley College. He has also previously completed a Health and Human Services Management Certificate here, as well as a Bachelor of Nursing in India. After graduation, he intends to move on to work as a Registered Nurse.

While some of his office skills won’t translate directly to his career path, he says that the leadership skills he has gained will stick with him for the rest of his life.

“Treat every day as an opportunity to learn, and never assume you know everything there is, or that you can’t improve.”