Year in review: Mohib Ul-Haq, VP Student Life

Mohib Ul-Haq serves SABVC’s Vice President of Student Life, a position he has held for the winter semester of 2019. Now, nearing the end of his term, he reflects on the time he has spent here.

He recalls a childhood propensity for leadership, and once he enrolled at Bow Valley College, jumped at the opportunity to lead.

Being the VP Student Life has seen him acting as a student advocate, conducting on-campus surveys and engaging with the student body in order to determine the issues that matter most. He has taken on a leadership role in many of SABVC’s events, working with both international and domestic students.

He believes that he has learned a number of important lessons in his time here.

“If you respect others, they will respect you back,” he says.

“Being open and respectful of all students here has been helpful. Bow Valley College is home to many communities, and being VP Student Life, I must work to engage them all.

In addition, he has learned the value of small-seeming tasks, better teamwork skills, and accountability.

Engaging students, he says, can be easier said than done.

“Many of our students will only attend their classes, with some never accessing SABVC’s services or attending events. It can be hard to engage students who aren’t interested in anything extracurricular.”

To his successor, he has this piece of advice to give:

“It is important not to be biased towards one group of students. We are a diverse college, with diverse communities, all of which have something valuable to bring to the table. Focus on engaging all students. Promote events that will interest every community.”

After graduation, he intends to find a management job, something that he now believes he is well-qualified for.

“Working with SABVC was a good platform for me, I am coming out knowing how to be a better leader. The skills I’ve learned here will be helpful for the rest of my life.”